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Q: I have leaky gut syndrome, with loads of inflammation and allergies. You suggest using whey protein to prevent losing muscle. But I’m allergic to casein and whey. Can I use your WheyLogic or something comparable without having a major reaction? Dr. Fred: If you were only casein sensitive, then WheyLogic would be a great choice. But […]

Q: I noticed resveratrol wasn’t on your new-and-improved Desert Island Supplement list. Why not? Dr. Fred: If you’re familiar with my old Desert Island supplement list you might be surprised to see resveratrol just didn’t make the “new and improved” version that appeared in the January 2015 issue. I’ve noted its benefits many times in […]

“HELP! I need a cure for bloating and flatulence. I love beans and sweet potatoes, and I know they’re healthy foods. But the price I usually have to pay when I eat them is very bad gas, flatulence and bloating that is becoming too much to bear. I also have multiple uterine fibroids that are so large, […]

What do you recommend for peripheral artery disease? Dr. Fred: I have to admit—peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a tough problem to solve. Because at the moment, lifestyle changes are usually the best answer that even mainstream medicine has to offer. Now on one level, this approach represents a refreshing change of pace. But PAD […]

Question: What are your recommendations for Type 1 diabetes? Dr. Fred: I’m really glad you asked. Because so much of the diabetes conversation today focuses on type 2 diabetes. With a particular emphasis on it being a preventable—even reversible—condition. So, it’s easy to see how someone with type 1 diabetes (which is certainly a more […]

Question: Help me solve the mystery of soy. I hear that it gives males estrogen and is generally not good for health—then I hear that it is the best thing since sliced bread. Can you help me make good decisions regarding soy? Dr. Fred: Of all the misconceptions about good nutrition, the ones surrounding soy […]

Q: I need more magnesium, but every time I take even a small amount, I end up with diarrhea. What can I do? Dr. Fred: The first thing you should do is check to see what type of magnesium you are taking. All magnesium is not created equal. Magnesium oxide is the most common form […]

Q: How can I be sure a detox protocol works? Are there any tests I should take before and after to measure for toxins? Dr. Fred: This would all depend on what exactly you are trying to detoxify from. If it’s just the daily hazards of life in general, you’re talking about a lot of […]

Q: I have always been suspicious of statins, so when I could not get my cholesterol levels under control with diet and exercise, I turned to red yeast rice. Based on reading your articles I am inclined to stop even that, but what feedback do you have on using it? Dr. Fred: I use red yeast rice […]

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