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I know I harp on this time and again, but I can’t help but cringe every time a new patient tells me they just don’t have time for exercise. While exercising may seem ominous, as I’ve said before–it really doesn’t take much to benefit. And now a new study proves how LITTLE it really takes […]

Tip 1 Beware of Fat Free foods- When you take the fat out, the manufacturers simply add sugar and other nasty ingredients so the food has taste and flavor. Tip 2 “Choose real foods” should be the motto you live by Tip 3 Beware of the condiments as they are loaded with sugars! Tip 4 […]

Day 1 Eliminate White Foods. This includes pasta, breads and rice, and of course, sugar; this tip continues through the length of the 30 days. Do not substitute any whole grains or any sugar replacements go cold turkey! Day 2 Begin a Light work-out routine: 15 minutes each day for the next 6 days with […]

Day 1 Drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day, it helps to flush out toxins Day 2 Use shorter workouts more often so you don’t feel like you are always at the gym Day 3 Keep a Journal of what you do each day and how you feel, share some of […]

Tip 1 Run sprints during your cardio- One minute sprints as fast as you can go, rest for 2… repeat this 5 times. Tip 2 Wait 30 minutes before refilling your plate (during the Holiday meals) Tip 3 Replace your bagel and juice in the mornings with eggs and green tea. Tip 4 Train fasted […]

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