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So I am having a colonoscopy tomorrow and thought everyone should know about it.  I mean if Katie Couric can do it so can I.  I was writing in my Reality Health Check about how many people do not get routine health screenings and for colonoscopies, the rate was under 50% of those who should […]

I just got back from a trip to Whole Foods and quite honestly, I was disgusted with the place.  It was immaculate with lots of eager help but they didn’t have asparagus! Really? It’s asparagus season! My farmstand in the Hamptons was riddled with asparagus – I couldn’t eat enough this weekend.  One would think […]

Ok, I have to admit that I watched that movie every year as a child.  I forget what time of the year it was always shown, but I just couldn’t get enough of the wicked witch flying on her broom – oh who am I kidding – it was always the ruby slippers. I wanted […]

So, I decided that I needed to get some new work-out gear for the city.  As you know, I recently installed a complete medical fitness facility in my office so my trainer, Shane, no longer comes to my home but we train at my office. While on paper, that idea seemed like a good one; […]

I am not talking about the first solo hit from Eddie Kendricks from The Temptations.  I am talking about the plethora of food trucks.  Are we that hungry that we can’t even go into a store to eat, but we have to eat at the curb?  Even Chick-fil-a is launching a food truck.  Can someone […]

I had a really good idea for a blog this week but it is going to have to wait until next week.  I guess even the Long Island Medium didn’t see this one coming.  I was watching 60 Minutes when this past weekend and they did a giant expose on sugar – discussing all of […]

Before I get into the obvious reason why this week’s blog is so entitled, I have been wanting to discuss the fact that 1 in 6 Americans go to bed hungry.  That is a shocking statistic when 2/3 of all Americans are either overweight or obese.  That would mean that there is only 1 in […]

We all have our favorite part of being on vacation. My favorite part is when I get home because then I get to watch marathons of my television shows that are on my DVR.  I was so excited to come home and be able to watch Bethenny Ever After (5 episodes but I smell divorce); […]

Freedom is that moment of calm before the fear sets in.  No matter what you’ve freed yourself from you only get so far down the road before you are forced to make a choice and sentence yourself to the next adventure. I wish I had written that because it so eloquently has meaning on many […]

While many of you may immediately think of the upscale hotel chain as I often do; or just the usual spring, summer, winter and fall, I am thinking this morning of the four seasons that occur in Los Angeles: the Rainy season (which often doesn’t happen), Pilot season (when all the new television shows get […]

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