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I swear, it feels like my email is reading my mind these days. Yesterday I told you about a couple of messages I got regarding statins (one that went against everything I believe about these poisons — and a follow-up that just confirmed my long-held stance). Well today, I opened my inbox and this gem […]

This next little tidbit literally hit my email inbox two hours after I read an article by some delusional public health “experts” calling for statins to be added to drinking water so that everyone can “benefit” from them. As you might imagine, I was more than a little annoyed by such a ridiculous suggestion. Statins […]

One of the reasons I’m so vehement in my objections to sugar is that it promotes inflammation in the body. And inflammation is at the heart of just about every health problem there is. Diabetes, heart disease, allergies, digestive problems, respiratory diseases…Honestly, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single disease that doesn’t have a direct […]

As autism rates continue to skyrocket — shooting up 119 percent between 2000 and 2014 — more and more parents are looking for ways to help their children. It’s heartbreaking for parents to see their children trapped by this disease. They want for their children what all parents want — joy, success, fulfillment. And, like […]

Breast cancer is a scary diagnosis. Unfortunately, though, one in eight American women will have that terrifying news delivered in their lifetimes. Usually the diagnosis comes on the heels of a mammogram — the first-line screening test the CDC recommends every other year for women over age 50. But there’s been a lot of debate […]

A few months ago, I told you about a study that blew the lid off the illicit relationship between the sugar industry and the supposedly “unbiased” scientific community. The scandal was so huge I dubbed it Sugargate…but it turns out, that initial study was just the beginning. According to another new study, the bias involved in […]

I told you this week about how effective yoga can be for relieving low-back pain. Though for people whose mobility is severely limited by pain, even the thought of a yoga class is daunting. But I just came across a study that I hope will encourage anyone who might be nervous about taking a yoga […]

Since we’re on the topic of natural ways to soothe discomfort this week, I thought I’d share another one of my go-to recommendations. This one is backed by more than 25 clinical trials, and research shows it can make a huge difference, especially for joint comfort and flexibility. I’m talking about green lipped mussel extract. […]

Who hasn’t suffered from back pain at some point in their life? I think it’s something just about everyone can relate to. In fact, my dog Remington is currently recovering from a three-month battle with back pain so severe, he was having trouble walking. But I’m happy to say he’s finally getting better, thanks to […]

A few weeks ago, I had house guests and one of them asked if I had any sort of pain reliever on hand. I went scouring in all of the medicine cabinets and couldn’t find any. They thought it was strange, but since I never use over-the-counter pain medications, I just don’t keep them in […]

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