30 Days to a Better You

Day 1
Drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day, it helps to flush out toxins

Day 2
Use shorter workouts more often so you don’t feel like you are always at the gym

Day 3
Keep a Journal of what you do each day and how you feel, share some of those entries with us, and don’t give in to peer food pressure!

Day 4
Jump start your metabolism by doing 5 minutes of intense cardio, an upper body exercise, 15 body weight squats; then 30 abdominal crunches

Day 5
For your first week of training, do low weights and high reps!

Day 6
Slowly begin to eat smaller portions throughout the day & more at the meal after your work-out, your body needs it.

Day 7
Keep a food diary for a week- stick to lean proteins & vegetables. Share your food experiences with me

Day 8
Have a protein shake after each workout- make sure the shake contains less than 3 grams of carbohydrates per serving

Day 9
Make sure you have new or little worn training shoes. Treat yourself. What you wear on your feet is an important component to an effective workout.

Day 10
Weigh yourself and take fat body measurements, the newsletter will tell you how to properly take your measurements

Day 11
Take stairs instead of the elevator or park further away than necessary.

Day 12
Keep your muscles guessing- change up the exercises, the weight, and the reps

Day 13
Create a goal – not a weight loss number, but a visualization of what you want to look like

Day 14
Get a workout partner- motivate each other. It’s another way to help you keep your goals on track.

Day 15
Try to incorporate stretching into your daily routine

Day 16
Work on your core which is not just abdominals- you will get less injured that way and it takes minutes each day. See how to do this by visiting the “Gym Rats” section of the site.

Day 17
Don’t exercise too late as it may energize you too much and keep you awake, but don’t use lateness as an excuse not to.

Day 18
Get enough sleep- not only is this good for weight loss, but also good for muscle recovery.

Day 19
Change the type of cardio- it’s always good to change up your routine.

Day 20
Be honest with yourself about your expectations- this holds true in so many areas of life

Day 21
Be honest with yourself about how long it may take to reach your goals! Don’t get discouraged!

Day 22
Don’t forget to warm up & cool down.

Day 23
Stop eating when you aren’t full yet- it is a 20 minute lag time until your tummy tells your brain & by that time you have overeaten.

Day 24
Create an awesome playlist for your ipod and get great headphones that won’t slip out.

Day 25

Day 26
Weigh Yourself & Take Body Fat Measurements

Day 27
Hire a personal trainer to ensure you are getting the best and most efficient workout and do it a couple of times each month so things can be changed

Day 28
You don’t need carbohydrates to train except those in the form of vegetables- Your muscles are proteins and they will respond to that.

Day 29
Compose 30 days of additional goals, all on your own.

Day 30
Thirty days later, how’d you do? Try another 30, or just use the tips daily! It’s the end of the month, but it does not mean it has to be the end of your challenge. I hope my tips have proved useful to you, continue to implement them and stay tuned for even more informationDay 30