A simple way to slam the brakes on brain shrinkage — starting at your very next meal

Mainstream medicine has spent dozens of years—not to mention billions of dollars—researching Alzheimer’s disease. Yet they’re no closer to solving this devastating, deadly epidemic than they were decades ago.

They’re so hung up on plaques and tangles that they’ve utterly ignored the most obvious symptom of Alzheimer’s. One that shows up 10 years before the disease really starts to take hold.

I’m talking about brain shrinkage.

Brain shrinkage is just what it sounds like: a loss of neurons (and the connections between them) that results in your brain getting smaller.

And it directly affects cognitive function and memory.

But a recent study, published in the journal Neurology, revealed a simple way to slam the breaks on brain shrinkage. And it’s something you can do right at home, starting today, at your very next meal.

Researchers found that people who adhered closely to the Mediterranean diet had significantly less brain shrinkage over the course of three years than those who didn’t follow the diet.

I’m a big proponent of the general principles of the Mediterranean diet. But I do believe it can be made even more effective with some tweaks…Like taking a good, quality fish oil supplement every day in addition to eating plenty of fish, ditching high-sugar red wine in favor of clear spirits, and swapping out overrated olive oil for monounsaturated fat-rich macadamia nut oil.

Following this style of eating is a sure fire way to keep your brain — and the rest of your body — healthy as you age. And the sooner you start, the better.