ADA swings our way

Well, folks…I wasn’t sure I would live to see the day. But the so-called “experts” at the carb-loving American Diabetes Association may finally be seeing the error of their ways.

I can’t tell you how shocked (and absolutely ecstatic) I was to see this headline in the report from the ADA’s annual meeting this summer:

“Low-carb diet may reduce CVD risk better than low-fat diet”

It’s what I’ve been saying for YEARS! But wait, the message gets even better…

This same article states that LDL cholesterol may be a poor marker for heart and artery health. The researcher who wrote it considers this a breakthrough opinion. But I’ve been telling people this for years, too.

The studies he cites to back these theories have been out there for awhile now.

One he considered particularly “eye-opening” involved overweight and moderately obese people who were put on low-carb, high-protein diets. Researchers found that —

  • High levels of saturated fat had NO negative effect on LDL cholesterol.
  • Sugar and white starch had the biggest impact on heart and artery health.

But there’s no longer any denying that the cause of chronic diseases–obesity, diabetes, heart disease–lies in packaged food and sugary drinks. Plain and simple.

“Low-carb diet may reduce CVD risk better than low-fat diet,” 2012 ADA Diabetes Dispatch (