Add this to your daily routine for a stronger brain

Everyone seems to think Alzheimer’s, dementia, and cognitive decline are inevitable parts of aging.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Your future cognitive health is very much in your hands.

And according to a new study, you can strengthen your brain by incorporating this one thing into your daily routine…

Daily exercise and cognitive function

I can’t emphasize enough how critical it is to get daily exercise… and this latest study proves my point, once again.

According to researchers from the University of California-San Diego School of Medicine, a regular workout can lead to better cognitive function, especially in older adults.

For the study, 90 people between the ages of 50 and 74 wore accelerometers while exercising. Then, they completed several cognitive tests at home.

Researchers found participants had better cognitive function on days they exercised—and worse cognitive function on days they didn’t.

Even better? Doing daily household tasks had a positive impact, too.

Get moving for optimal brain health

This isn’t the first study to show the positive correlation between brain health and exercise.

In fact, I previously shared with you a study that found aerobic exercise training may help to lower Alzheimer’s risk.

And we’re not talking about back-breaking workouts…

At the beginning of the study, subjects took just three brisk walks, for 25 to 30 minutes each, per week. By the 11th week, the walks had increased to 30 to 35 minutes, uphill. After six months, subjects walked 40 minutes, five times weekly.

That’s right, just regular ole’ walking! No gym memberships, heavy weights, or running.

But please remember… the key here is consistency. Because it isn’t until movement becomes a daily habit that the true, lasting health benefits kick in.

That’s why I always recommend at least 150 minutes per week of exercise. (This breaks down to a little over 20 minutes per day.) Biking, dancing, swimming, gardening, vacuuming, or even going for a brisk walk all count toward this goal.

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