Age and obesity create the perfect storm for heart disease

I talk a lot about aging, and I talk a lot about obesity, but I don’t often delve into how the two relate to each other.

But I just came across an interesting study that points out the unique danger of being obese as we get older. The study’s findings just might explain why some people have heart failure despite not having any of the classic plaque buildup that we associate with heart disease.

According to researchers, inflammation caused by aging and obesity creates an effect that thickens the inner walls of tiny blood vessels near the heart. This impedes blood flow to the heart muscle and ups the risk of heart failure.

If you’re overweight or obese, I can’t stress enough the importance of shedding those extra pounds now. Don’t put it off another minute. It’s clear that as we get older, the risks associated with obesity only increase.

Don’t tell yourself you’re too old to lose weight, or fall back on the “I’ve always been this way” excuse. It’s never too late to choose health.

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