Amorfrutins have the ability to reduce blood sugar

New natural compound for fighting diabetes

Finally. New promising research on an anti-diabetes ingredient that doesn’t involve drugs!

It turns out a compound found in licorice root could help in the fight against diabetes. This is according to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

I have been using licorice root extract for many years to treat poor digestive symptoms. This beneficial effect has been traced back to a compound it contains called glycyrrhizin.

But researchers have identified a new substance in licorice. It’s also found in the fruit of the Amorpha fruticosa bush, which is where the name of this new compound comes from. It’s called amorfrutins. And the new research has shown that amorfrutins not only have anti-inflammatory properties, but may also have the ability to reduce blood sugar. Either one of these properties is amazing, but when you combine them, it’s even better.

The science behind what they found is a bit complicated. But these compounds actually dock onto a receptor in the nucleus of a cell–sort of like insulin does. The receptor on which it docks plays a key role in fat and glucose metabolism.

So, when these amorfrutin molecules bind to the receptor sites, they activate genes that reduce the blood concentration of certain fatty acids and glucose. By reducing the glucose level, you can prevent the development of insulin resistance. And of course, insulin resistance is the main cause of type 2 diabetes.

Now, you know I am certainly not advocating eating more licorice candy. Not only is it loaded with sugar, but it also does not contain enough of the healthy molecules to actually work. Licorice root tea, a popular herbal remedy, also does not contain enough amorfrutin to do much good in the case of diabetes.

And when it comes to taking licorice root supplements as they’re available now, unfortunately you do have to use caution as they may be counter-indicated in some people with high blood pressure or other heart concerns.

Plus, the research on amorfrutins is still new. The next step is to see how it actually works in patients with diabetes. So stay tuned for more as I continue to follow this breakthrough. And in the meantime, for other natural alternatives to medications, refer to my report Diabetes-Free in Just 6 Weeks, which is part of my Diabetes Cure Kit, free to all subscribers to my monthly newsletter Logical Health Alternatives.

Speaking of medications…