And The Beat Goes On…

I am happy to be back writing my own blog. I know you enjoyed Remington’s story but honestly, how much can a tiny beagle teach us – loads, let me tell you – but he wanted me to thank all of you for such kind words of support and for reading his tale (tail).  He will be back!

Summer is really in full swing. I was in the hamps this weekend visiting a friend and wow! What a party – I couldn’t believe it. I had forgotten how much fun and beauty the place is in the summer – a bit hectic for me but Rem and I had a good time.  Next week, I am invited to a party that is being filmed for the new reality show called Party Mamas. It is a benefit called Martinis for Mutts – two of my favorite things; well three if you count the reality TV part – I will let you know if I get filmed.

beat_goes But, as I was out there, the word that kept coming up for me was continuity.  The first reason was because theHamptons“scene” as it was, has been going on for as long as I remember and certainly long before that; but, for me, it was more about continuing your diet, health and lifestyle program despite the excess food or alcohol that you may encounter in this most festive time of the year.  It’s about being true to your word.  There were so many temptations to overeat; but I kept to my convictions.  However, many of my patients have been struggling this season so I wanted to spend some time discussing the importance of continuity.

Speaking of continuity, that is also a term used in television (and movies too) where it is someone’s job to make sure that everything in the episode follows the correct timeline because nothing is ever taped in order – apparently even on reality TV.  I learned this when I was watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey this past week.  They were having Christmas and all around them snow was falling.  Well, if you were here in theNew Yorkarea last Christmas, you know that the huge snowstorm blanketed the city on December 26 and 27.

But, one last thought about RHONJ – Melissa is my favorite but who wouldn’t want to be her – Joe Gorga who trends more than any of them now (Teresa’s brother – keep up people) – showers her with anything she wants; yet doesn’t she realize he does it to keep her at home.  Ugh! The psychology of that show is not what this is all about.  I just hate when a show can’t maintain its continuity – just one of my pet peeves.

Maybe that’s why it’s so important for me to maintain that same sense of continuity in my own health regimen.  It’s also why I encourage all of you to keep up with yours until one day it isn’t a regimen that you are following but a way of life – something done without thought.

beat_goes_2 My new way of life happens to be living in a sea of renovation.  Remember when I wrote about that say in the beginning of the summer?  The workers have been here since before Memorial Day. I don’t know when they are going to be finished but my apartment looks like the set of Dexter – plastic wrap everywhere.  Hmmmmm! Nah, I probably shouldn’t get any ideas.  At least its continuous I guess.

We all know how difficult it is to get back on track after a slip up of our improved dieting patterns.  Summer gets in the way; then the post summer scramble begins – it’s no coincidence that the second dieting season is September.  I think that if you just keep on a program then there is no yo-yo; there isn’t the scramble; there isn’t the constant changing of the clothes sizes.

Now that’s not to say that we need to be absolutely rigid in our beliefs but exercise should never falter and if you have a few bad things at a party, that shouldn’t throw your dietary regimen out the window for the entire day, evening or even weekend.  A little bit of excess goes a long way – a simple truth we’ve forgotten in this land of the 72 ounce steak.

Speaking of excesses – my new favorite addiction and seeminglyAmerica’s as the show garnered a 5 share is Storage Wars.  If you’ve never watched it, it is a show where people bid on the contents of other people’s abandoned storage units.  They don’t know the exact contents but they get a preview.  It doesn’t sound like much but as a culture, we are so fascinated with our stuff and with other people’s stuff.

Unfortunately, that includes food. We want to eat what our neighbor is serving; we want to order everything on the menu at a restaurant because it looks so good; but what I think it really boils down to is that we use food to fulfill so many other needs. Gosh – I am starting to sound like Dr. Phil but really – food is sustenance yet we try to outdo each other in the spreads we serve; what is this accomplishing?

Alright, I will stop being so bleak but what is with all theJerseyShorereferences on scripted shows? Do the writers have nothing else to say? Although I think Entourage has so far been great this season, (granted we are only at episode 2) but why did Scott have to compare E and Sloane’s relationship to Ronny and Sammie.  And, on True Blood – admittedly my favorite show on television – an emasculated Eric (he had his memories erased by a witch) called Sookie, Snooki.  But, this show has a way of redeeming itself by having Sookie reading a Charlaine Harris book – the book series that the show is based on – now that’s brilliant writing.  And continuity.

Until next time…