Another flu season… another worthless vaccine

It seems as if we have this same conversation every year. Can you guess which one it is?

It’s the one where I tell you that this year’s flu shot is a lackluster match for the strain of the virus that’s currently tearing through the country—influenza B/Victoria. And it’s hitting kids particularly hard.

In fact, this season’s vaccine is only a 58 percent match for this particular strain. Which is pretty pathetic, when you consider the risks involved.

But are you really surprised? Let’s take a closer look at this year’s statistics so far…

Flu season, by the numbers  

Overall, outpatient hospital visits for flu-like illnesses have stayed high… while inpatient hospitalization and death rates from pneumonia and the flu have stayed low.

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Nationwide, the flu has accounted for anywhere from 3.6 to 8.6 percent of outpatient visits. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates upwards of 10 million illnesses so far this season—with 87,000 hospitalizations, and nearly 5,000 deaths.

Overall hospitalization rates came in at just under 15 patients per 100,000 people. And as you might predict, the rate was highest among seniors (who accounted for a third), kids under five (who accounted for a little over a quarter), and people aged 50 to 64 (who accounted for 17 percent).

But this is all pretty average and by the book—so pardon me, but I have a question…

We jabbed millions and millions of people with a vaccine that we know doesn’t work very well. And yet we still have fairly low rates of deaths and hospitalizations, despite it being the height of the flu season.

So why is there so much frenzy over the flu shot every year? Because from where I sit, the numbers always seem to shake out the same way no matter what the vaccine does or doesn’t do.

Rolling the dice

Let me remind you that we spend $1.6 BILLION annually on a vaccine that doesn’t even work very well. And every year, we get the same ridiculous dog and pony show justifying this ludicrous endeavor.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m not saying that the lives that have been saved weren’t worth the price tag we paid for them. As a doctor, I believe every life is worth saving. I’m simply pointing out a laughable double standard from the very same people who claim that supplements are a waste of money.

Here’s the bottom line: The flu shot is nothing but a scam that we buy into because we’re being convinced we’ll die without it. But in any given year, we’re lucky if the CDC manages to deliver a product with even a 40 percent accuracy rate, at best.

Big Pharma is kind of like a weather forecaster in this respect. They get it wrong most of the time… and yet somehow, they still have a job.

So when it comes to protecting yourself from the flu, you can—and should—take matters into your own hands.

This is what I do at the first inkling that I may be getting sick—and I haven’t suffered a full-blown illness in decades:

  • Vitamin D—50,000 IU for two days
  • Vitamin A— 40,000 IU for two days
  • Olive Leaf Extract—500 mg three times per day for two days
  • Oil of Oregano—500 mg three times per day for two days

Or, you can do what the so-called “experts” at the CDC recommend for everyone older than six months: Get a (worthless) vaccination. And when you eventually do get sick, take antiviral medications that may shave a few hours off your illness.

You never know—it might work! After all, even a broken clock is right twice a day.


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