Another One Bites The Dust…

Is it shocking to hear that Paula Deen has diabetes? It was officially announced on Friday but the National Enquirer reported it last April so if you ever doubt their stories again, you ought to think twice.  It comes as no surprise that the queen of carbohydrates stuffed with sugar, glazed with sugar and then deep fried would get diabetes.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved watching her show – for me, it was food porn.  Since I couldn’t eat the stuff, I lived vicariously through her and her two obese children.  I especially loved when she moved the set from the Food Network studios to a home on the Southern Coast – made it easier to truly enjoy those recipes – real comfort food.  Who knew comfort food could kill you?

Now is that a question you need to ask? Write down all of your comfort foods now and I bet you each one is unhealthy.  I don’t think any of us when we have a bad day turn to lettuce to calm our nerves.  Before I leave the topic of Paula Deen, I must confess that even I went to one of her restaurants in Savannah and it wasn’t easy – the line extended down the block and around the corner.

With this announcement, or soon to be announcement, I got to thinking how many other celebs have admitted to having diabetes.  The list is pretty long and it runs the gamut from overweight to thin.  And then there’s Delta Burke who also ran the gamut from overweight to thin depending on which season of Designing Women you are watching.  Jean Smart also from Designing Women has diabetes – was there something in crew catering?

Drew Carrey – I wonder if he still has it after his supposed 110 pound weight loss with HCG.  Dick Clark but at his age – what is he 200? I guess it’s possible to have anything.  Then there’s the typical fatties: Nell Carter, Della Resse, Esther Rolle, Carroll O’Connor and Aida Turturro to name a few. Victor Garber which came as a total surprise as I see him regularly at the movie theater here in East Hampton munching on popcorn (not a diabetic treat).  Even the Beav, Jerry Mathers.  Ok, I will throw in one more as long as I am dropping names paragraphs long: Halle Berry – you had to have one glamour queen.

On another note, Jersey Shore is back and while it has yet to really pick up steam yet, Vinny, in this past episode has bit the dust – how long that will last is yet to be seen.  No, he’s not diabetic – he has anxiety and retreated home to Staten Island which would give me more anxiety than the Jersey Shore.  However, the cast still manages to get in a good line or two – only a few of which can ever be printed here but this one was quite good.  Pauly D, who lost a necklace (when did men start wearing long necklaces – I guess the same time when the Situation came out with his own line of Rosary Beads – you gotta love Jersey) said: “When I hug a girl when she leaves the house, I am going to pat her down.”

Diabetes for the most part is preventable if you watch what you eat, get a blood test regularly for blood sugar and if it is higher than 90, that should be your wake up call to cut down on the amount of sugar you eat and start to exercise.  I just read an article from the American Diabetes Association that states that the amount of sugar you consume has nothing to do with diabetes.  I beg to differ and any person with common sense and no financial ties to food manufacturers should be able to see that.

You probably wonder why I watch so much reality television.  I do too so you’re not the only one.  I think I figured it out or at least one aspect of it as it is pretty complex why we are obsessed with other people.  But, it’s not just because NeNe says “supposively” – although that’s a really good reason –and to see when she announces her diabetes – it’s just a matter of time no matter how many plastic surgeries she has.

Ok, I will get all of my Real Housewives tales over with now so you don’t have to worry about them again.  In RHOBH, while Kyle and Lisa were trying to wake up Kim when Lisa said, “I work out in these shoes” – six inch Louboutins.

There is a lot of fighting that goes on in these shows and if you watch the drama unfold, it’s curious to see how people have their own opinions about things and when you are watching it as an outsider, it is easy to see how ridiculous these people can be.  People are constantly misinterpreting other people’s behaviors; not willing to listen to what the other person has to say; unwilling to yield to an opinion that may not be their own and the true and horrible reality that people just don’t understand each other and what’s worse, is that we don’t even want to understand each other – we are happier to fight it out rather than talk it out.  And even when these characters talk it out, they don’t even “get” the other person, they simply move on.

And I think that accurately portrays how most Americans behave towards each other.  There is no real thought or conviction for change – whether that’s changing your opinion of another person or changing the way you eat.  Change has to occur if you ever want to be successful in your health and nutrition goals.  And it’s something that you have to really change – not just for a week, or month but for a lifetime.

Otherwise, you will end up in Omaha – the Paris for the obese.  If you can name the character who said that line in a show that aired last week on television in a new episode, you get the pick of my on line store.   One hint – it wasn’t a reality show.

And if you aren’t watching The Vampire Diaries simply for lines like, “this is the eve of Klausaggedon” (I wonder if he spells his name like that because of the Kardashians?) then you should watch it because it could possibly be the best show on TV right now and you don’t want to miss it.  Run, do not walk to your DVR right now and record the rest of the season.

Until next time…….