Another STRIKE against sugary beverages? (Must-read)

Will we ever collectively lose our fascination with sugar sweetened beverages (SSB)?

Because let’s face it,  they’re toxic, liquid calories.

And yes, that includes those so-called “healthy” sports drinks and fruit juices.

In fact, these drinks—sodas, pre-packaged teas, and more—all contribute to a SLEW of illnesses, from fueling the diabesity epidemic to heart disease and even cancer.

And now, research reveals enjoying around just one drink daily can raise your risk of this inflammatory condition by over 50 percent!

An internal storm

In a study of more than 120,000 participants, researchers found that SSBs increase the risk of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

(IBD can range from constipation to diarrhea all the way to Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. It is characterized by chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.)

The researchers analyzed data from nearly 121,500 participants in the U.K. Biobank who did not yet have symptoms of IBD.

Beverage intake, alongside daily diet, was observed for three years. Then, participants were sorted into three groups according to consumption habits:

  • 0 units per day (reference group)
  • More than 0 and up to 1 unit per day
  • More than 1 unit per day

(One unit was considered to be 250 mL, or 8 ounces—which is less than one can of soda.)

Ultimately, those who reported drinking more than 1 unit per day had a 51 percent higher IBD risk. And when it comes to Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis specifically, risk jumped by 105 percent and 31 percent, respectively.

Stop suffering

Beverages are a major source of sugar in our diets. Yet, these hideous drinks have flown under the radar (at least, by the mainstream) for decades.

Meanwhile, I’ve been preaching this same mantra for almost 30 years: Sugar kills.

And SSB? They’re completely useless and detrimental to our health.

So, for the last time, STOP consuming them!

I mean, how many more people have to suffer—our grandchildren included?

In fact, what perhaps frustrates me the most here is what this blatant consumption of sugary beverages is doing to kids.

One study even found the prevalence of IBD increased by a whopping 133 percent between 2007 and 2016 among children aged 2 to 17.

And as I just reported last week, we’re steering them down the wrong path.

The bottom line? Even if you don’t (yet) suffer from IBD, it’s high time to ditch the sugary drinks and increase water consumption, alongside a balanced diet full of fresh, whole foods.

Until next time,
Dr. Fred

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