Back To Life….Back to Reality

Back to Life…Back to Reality

Reality TV that is!  Mob Wives is back and I couldn’t be happier. There have been only two episodes so far and already someone has almost died and there was a bang down knock out cat fight.  Yum!!!!

But, that’s not really my point.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and were able to stick to their dietary program to a certain degree – we can’t always be superhuman but I would expect some modicum of restraint. Speaking of which, Being Human, one of my favorite shows starts on Monday again.

Again, I digress. I was out of the country in a lesser developed nation for ten days.  I come back and there are now probiotics in artificial sweeteners?????  How did I miss that?  Did I fall off the planet or just go someplace not controlled by agribusiness?  In fact, this artificial sweetener has an entire line of neutriceuticals.  There are vitamins added in all sorts of combinations.

Now, America, I ask you this – are you stupid enough to buy into this?  First of all, when did artificial sweeteners become a health food? They are pure chemicals in the strictest sense of the word.   I mean, if they wanted to add these same ingredients to Stevia, I would be all for it.  Oh, wait, they can’t add it to stevia because, thanks to the chemical companies, stevia can’t be sold as a food – only as a nutritional supplement.  And, stevia wouldn’t need probiotics added to it because by its very nature, it is a pre-biotic – meaning it helps your bodies good bugs to live long and prosper.

Are they ever going to make another Star Trek? Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto made a fine team. I know I have to regress to movies as the TV season ground to a halt during the holidays and I was in a place where TV just didn’t happen.

However, there were a few things that I think bear mentioning.  Dick Clark. I don’t think I even have to say more.  The man made a career out of announcing and being a host. When you can’t speak which is kind of what you did for a living, then maybe it’s time to step down. I hope I have the courage to go away when no one want to hear me anymore – ok  – I know some of you would wish I would go away now but then stop reading.

Cee Lo Green changing one of the most amazing songs of all times to fit his own personal agenda. When are personal agendas going to go away? Just because you are a celebrity (and being a judge on The Voice and having a hit song that was sung better by and I hate to say this Gwyneth, doesn’t exactly make you a celebrity) doesn’t give you the right to force your opinions down others throats.

If we simply stuck to the facts and the truths, the world would be a better place.  We do research and the real truths don’t come out.  Our world is controlled by those with agendas.  The pharmaceutical companies, the large agribusinesses, the health insurance companies – the list is endless.  Where is the truth to anything anymore.

I mean, even Taylor may have been lying about being beaten up by Russell and now he’s dead.  How many other G-list reality television stars have to die before we just all start telling the truth?  Oh, and what is up with Beyonce? Blue! Really?!?! Is she going to name all of her children after primary colors, or is it going to be all album titles??

Here’s another thing that occurred in the short time I was away.  Big pharma is lobbying for cities to hire truant officers to track down whether your child has been vaccinated.  So, they want taxpayer dollars to be spent on ensuring that no child is left behind from their vaccination schedules.  The pharmaceutical companies make money and we have to pay to find the children that aren’t fully vaccinated.  When the studies are conclusive that we need all these vaccinations and that they are truly causing no harm then and only then can I stand behind a decision that seems more Nazi Germany than the driving force that formed this country in the first place – FREEDOM!

In case you were wondering what my New Years Resolution is, I decided to keep it really broad and general this year.  I just want to keep fighting the good fight. I want to be afforded the ability to reach a larger audience and spread the message that it is possible to stay healthy, live longer and do it while having fun at the same time. I know I am not always going to succeed but if I always try my best and stay true to my word, then I should prevail. Oh, and I want my own reality TV show.

Until next time…..