Beat the heat with a cold one! (Surprising health benefits revealed)

As the days grow longer, brighter, and warmer, it’s not uncommon for folks to host—or be invited to—summer cookouts.

And I certainly encourage you to take advantage of the sunshine, socialization, fresh foods, and yes—even the alcohol.

In fact, pouring yourself a cold one might be just what the doctor ordered…

So long as you follow a few golden rules.

“Hearty” health benefits

As a reader of mine, you know there’s a U-shaped curve when it comes to the potential health benefits of alcohol.

Those who don’t drink any and those who drink more than moderately are at the highest risk for health complications—whereas those in the middle of the curve, who follow my advice that “moderation is key,” may gain some benefits.

(As a quick reminder, when you do indulge, I typically recommend calling it quits after two drinks.)

In fact, one study looked at the heart benefits of 30 grams (g) of red wine, gin, or non-alcoholic wine daily among participants with a high cardiovascular risk.

It turns out, both alcoholic groups saw improved HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels, compared to the non-alcoholic red wine group. Highlighting the positive effects of small amounts of alcohol.

Plus, additional research supports these heart-boosting benefits…

More than 100 different studies show that moderate drinking can lower risk of heart attack, stroke, vascular diseases, sudden cardiac arrest, and cardiovascular-related death by as much as 40 percent.

But let’s take a closer look at what’s IN your cup…

Here’s what’s in my cup

Red wine has certainly gotten the lion’s share of accolades when it comes to the health benefits of alcohol. But I actually recommend spirits instead, as they contain less sugar than other options, wine included.

But mixing in juice, sugar-sweetened beverages, or simple syrups get a hard pass in my book.

Instead, why not try my favorite cocktail recipe? It’s easy to make, satisfying on a hot summer day, and downright delicious.

All you need is a martini shaker and glass, unflavored vodka, ice, and an organic lime or fresh lime juice.

Then, all you do is add your ice, vodka, and lime juice into your shaker… shake it up… and pour it in your glass.

Cheers to the weekend!

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Until next week,

Dr. Fred


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