Beauty products up diabetes risk

A new study in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives shows that the chemicals in skin creams and makeup significantly increase the risk of diabetes in women.

I’ve written about these chemicals–called phthalates–before (“BPA in bottles is just the beginning“). The study I told you about in that Reality Health Check also linked phthalates to increased diabetes risk. But this latest study honed in on the topic even further.

Researchers looked specifically at the link between these chemicals and diabetes in a group of 2,350 women who use cosmetics. They measured levels of phthalate chemicals in the women’s blood and urine. And they found that women with high levels had TWICE the risk of developing diabetes as women with low levels!

The researchers are calling for more studies. I say, take charge of this now.

You can easily find out just how your makeup (or lotion, moisturizer, etc.) ranks in terms of safety. The Environmental Working Group (the same group who put together the Dirty Dozen Plus list I told you about above) has a huge database dedicated specifically to cosmetics. You can find the database at

Whether it’s organic produce or natural make-up, one thing is certain: The faster you go “chemical-free” the faster you become “disease-free.”

“Urinary Phthalate Metabolite Concentrations and Diabetes among Women in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2001-2008,” Environmental Health Perspectives 2012; July 13 (epub ahead of print)