Big Pharma sets us back AGAIN

Excess weight is the underlying contributing factor to hypertension, heart disease, stroke, over a dozen different types of cancers, diabetes, and more.

Yet, it seems Big Pharma could care less.

Let’s talk about it—and, more importantly, about how YOU can achieve better health (and a healthy weight) without the setbacks of government agencies…

A game of chess

Results from the SELECT trial show that semaglutide (Ozempic®, Wegovy®, Ryblesus®) helps reduce major cardiovascular events (MACE) among non-diabetic, overweight or obese participants with heart disease by 20 percent.

In fact, a weekly 2.4 mg subcutaneous injection protected against cardiovascular death, nonfatal heart attack, and nonfatal stroke.

Plus, as I recently reported, this drug remarkably improves metabolic health with little effort—helping to stabilize blood sugar and weight.

Yep, one drug can do ALL of that!

So, of course insurance companies are criticizing the potential health benefits of semaglutide—and comparing it against cost.

Because it’s all about the MONEY. Who cares about the HEALTH of our nation?

Nothing angers me more than an insurance company dictating how my patients can (or should) be treated.

How about removing the bureaucracy and denying perks like private jets or eight- to nine-figure salaries so that the American public has access to the drugs and treatments they NEED without breaking the bank!?

I mean, these “weight loss” drugs may be the key to getting America back on track in terms health parameters. Why make it SO HARD for patients to receive a prescription?

What are insurance companies and other Big Pharma agencies afraid of? Aren’t we all in this game to help people achieve better health? (I know I am!)

Lifestyle choices ALWAYS matter

It’s infuriating to know that we finally have a well-tolerated drug that can help improve so many vital aspects of health—namely, cardiovascular and metabolic—that’s hitting setbacks.

Especially because, after treating overweight patients for over 30 years, it’s clear that many people need assistance losing weight.

And for the first time, I’m seeing solid, lasting results with a pharmaceutical intervention.

We have never had a drug that helps people lose weight AND decrease cardiovascular risk at the same time—in fact, just the opposite.

So why are so many doctors and insurance companies against it?

This same attitude is why insurers, like Medicare, have a long-standing policy against reimbursing the cost of weight loss medications and management. Since 2003, U.S. law actually prohibits part D plans from providing this coverage!

I smell lobbyists. (Nothing else can explain why we actively are discouraging weight loss treatments in an era where so many people are overweight.)

This certainly isn’t where I was planning to go with this discussion today, so let me end with this…

There’s something else that can offer just-as-impressive benefits that I will ALWAYS stand behind and “prescribe.” And it’s something the powers-that-be can NEVER deny “coverage” for…

Proper diet and exercise.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Start correcting your diet by replacing the packaged junk with nutritious, whole foods. (Shop the parameter of your grocery store for an easy way to select healthy options.)

Then, get up and move daily. Aim for at least 20 minutes of movement each day, if not more.


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