Biggest brain discovery of the year?

I just read a report by the Institute of Medicine that has me shaking my head.

In this report, researchers point out that forgetting names or where you put your keys can become a “major source of personal worry at ages 55 or 60.” They call it “Cognitive Aging,” and describe how it affects your ability to think clearly and remember details over time.

That part is right on. I talk about this with my patients all the time.

But then the report states: “The medical literature does not convincingly support any vitamin supplement intervention to prevent cognitive decline.”

It makes me want to throw up my hands and scream.

My patients have been enjoying the brain benefits of natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs for years at my clinic. And I’ve been sharing much of the research with you here in Reality Health Check and in my monthly Logical Health Alternatives newsletter.

The fact is, today, you have more options than ever before to protect your brain health and enhance your memory. So it exasperates me to see another mainstream report telling the public to abandon natural remedies that have been used for decades…or even centuries.

In fact, I’m working on a free report right now that will share my latest research in this area—and reveal a brand-new recommendation for keeping your brain healthy.

I’ll be releasing all the details as soon as it’s ready on Saturday, August 15th.

But after reading the Institute of Medicine’s report, I just can’t wait another day to tell you this:

Neuroscientists have made a new natural discovery that could make it easier than ever for you to feel mentally alert, focused, and in control.

This discovery is so powerful, it could help you recall important conversations exactly the way they happened

Almost like your “old brain” is young again.

With this breakthrough, you could be able to express yourself more clearly, with the right words at the right time. You’ll have no trouble remembering the date of your next meeting or upcoming dentist appointment. And you’ll even be able to recall the list of instructions your doctor gives you at your next checkup without writing down a single word.

This could be the biggest breakthrough I’ve ever uncovered in the area of brain health.and on Saturday morning, you’ll be one of the first in America to hear about it.