Black gold

A hot cup of tea isn’t a hard sell this time of year. In fact, there’s nothing cozier on a cold winter day. Or healthier, based on the results of one recent study.

Swiss researchers measured the black tea consumption rates of 42 different countries. They then analyzed these rates against the rates of several different diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Results uncovered a clear link between higher black tea consumption and lower diabetes rates. In fact, those countries that drank twice as much tea enjoyed a quarter fewer diabetes diagnoses, on average.

I don’t think the takeaway here requires much explanation. Clearly, green tea isn’t the only hot beverage with some serious health benefits. Plain old black tea can be just as valuable.

So there’s no need to wait for the next snow day to steep yourself a cup. Go ahead and drink up–just be sure to skip the milk and sugar.

“Relationships between black tea consumption and key health indicators in the world: an ecological study,” BMJ 2012; 2: e000648