Breaking news on Alzheimer’s and breast cancer your doctor won’t tell you

Yesterday I told you about a shocking new report out of the Mayo Clinic that reveals a huge leap forward in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

After decades of research, this new, large-scale study reveals the true cause of Alzheimer’s disease … and the fact that researchers have been barking up the wrong tree for years …

As it turns out, it has to do with the buildup of a special type of protein called Tau, and NOT the amyloid beta protein all the drug companies have focused on for decades.

It’s a completely different protein that doesn’t simply cause communication problems between neurons like amyloid beta, but actually kills the neurons outright.

And unlike amyloid beta, which is found in healthy patients’ brains, Tau is only found in patients with Alzheimer’s. And the progression of the disease increases along with the level of Tau in the brain.

For decades, pharmaceutical companies have been creating drugs solely focused on clearing amyloid beta from the brain … and they’ve gotten absolutely nowhere in stopping the disease.

Now we know it’s because they’ve been overlooking the true cause of this devastating illness this whole time. Of course, you’re not likely to hear about this elsewhere, as it means all those researchers and drug companies will have to admit defeat! (Imagine the fallout?!)

Though, now that the true cause has been found, you can bet the drug companies will be falling over themselves to switch gears and create the next Tau-clearing drug.

But like I said yesterday, there’s already a natural substance — a very simple supplement that I’ve been recommending for decades — that has been shown to clear the Tau protein.

And, unlike many mainstream drugs designed to treat Alzheimer’s that can’t seem to get past your body’s blood-brain barrier, studies have shown this natural treatment is able to target the brain directly, and quickly lower your levels of Tau, the true hidden cause of Alzheimer’s disease. And this is leading to amazing results.

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Meanwhile, there’s some breaking news on breast cancer screening I need to tell you about that didn’t make it into the book…