Can a furry friend improve your ZZZs?

Yesterday we talked about how living with a dog can help ward off disease.

And today, I hope you’ll indulge me once more as I write about yet another benefit of pet ownership.

Research shows how a furry friend might just be the key to better sleep.

All you have to do is this ONE thing (that I admittedly didn’t allow until my boy Remington came along… if only I knew this sooner).

Let me explain…

Time to snuggle up

In a study paid for by Sealy® the mattress company, 2,000 pet owners were surveyed.

Researchers found most reported better quality sleep when they shared their bed with their furry friends.

In fact, seven out of 10 respondents benefitted from this simple, cozy habit!

Not only that, but this habit helped:

  • Over 50 percent of participants feel less stress and anxiety
  • 47 percent settle in for the night with greater ease
  • 42 percent feel a heightened sense of security

Plus, 43 percent of those surveyed noted they prefer sharing their bed with pets as a source of “white noise.” And nearly 80 percent stated they treat their pets like humans. (No wonder most of them reaped such great benefits!)

Better sleep, better health

I’m always writing about how sleep is one of the cornerstones of health.

Proper sleep—along with eating well, good digestion and regular bowel movements, exercise, and smart supplementation—can combat most of what life throws our way.

So if something as simple as sharing your bed with your furry bestie can help? Well, count me in!

(I must tell you that Remington was the most excellent cuddle buddy. He loved getting under the covers and getting as close to me as possible.)

Now, sleeping with your pet can also present some challenges.

For one, they can be fidgety, which will impact your quality of sleep.

In fact, this study found pets interrupted their owner’s sleep an average of two nights weekly—and nearly 25 percent reported “always” being impacted by this restlessness.

On the other hand, two-thirds admitted their pets serve as great “alarm clocks.” (This is something I never experienced, as Remington would sleep until I woke him up!) And that their pet helped them keep to a better sleep schedule. (Remington certainly always let me know when it was his bedtime!)

Of course, maintaining a healthy sleep pattern is something I encourage, with or without a pet. A consistent sleep-wake cycle, where you sleep and rise at roughly the same times every day, helps you to achieve better sleep.

For additional ways to enjoy better quality sleep tonight—and every night—check out my Perfect Sleep Protocol. To learn more about this innovative, online learning tool, or to enroll today, click here now.

And remember, aim for seven to nine hours of quality shuteye each night… preferably with a snuggle buddy, if you’re able (and willing) to make that commitment to a pet.

Until next time,
Dr. Fred

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