Can Anger Make the Heart Grow Fonder?

There were so many things to be angry about this week but this one topped the cake: Barbara Walters named the cast of Jersey Shore one of her picks for the top ten most interesting people of 2010- Really? Don’t get me wrong, I am as addicted to the juice head gorillas and how many mates Snooki can bed as much as the next person but Really? Top ten most interesting – Barbara, Barbara, Barbara- what has become of you? Trying too hard to stay relevant or perhaps that undernourished body of yours has finally gotten to your brain.

I chose anger as this week’s deadliest sin because after getting on a scale, or feeling the angry snug fit or your clothes or just feeling unwell, I would imagine many people are angry with themselves for how they behaved during the Thanksgiving holiday. But anger is an emotion that never leads to anything good. Anger is reactive when all we really need to do is be active. (Yes, that is Kabbalah, but I studied it long before Madonna had ever heard about it)

Yes, we all get angry at times. Even Pauly D got angry on the last episode of Jersey Shore and I was angry about the fact that insurance companies profits are up this year because they are providing less care to their members ( for those who follow me on twitter, you would have known this already so I encourage you to follow me and I promise I do not tweet incessantly- only relevant information that requires action or contemplation)

Anger should make us act differently; in terms of health and dieting, Thanksgiving happened and now move on- step away from the dinner plate! Forgive yourself if you indulged and realize it’s not too late to get back into shape for Christmas. Hanukah is going on now so that isn’t going to be an issue for much longer, but there is still three weeks until Christmas and plenty of time for action, not reaction. A patient told me about a weight loss contest that his company was sponsoring that started this week and will last three months. I thought that was brilliant to start now when so many people just give up and gain those 10 pounds during the eating season.

There has been anger all over the airwaves this week- well maybe last week, I am a bit behind- love you TiVo! Kyle and Camille going at it on Real (and I use this term very loosely here) Housewives of Beverly Hills. Yes, Camille, we all know you are something other than Kelsey Grammer’s wife- what, we are still trying to figure out. But, now that you are divorcing him you can do whatever you want with half of everything he has. And, on the Atlanta version, NeNe and her husband are fighting too. Where’s everyone’s holiday spirit? At least Ann won America’s Next Top Model- finally some truth in that show. They actually chose a tall skinny girl- shocking I know.

A good example of a television character that never gets angry is Dexter. Although he is a serial killer, he never gets angry- he really doesn’t have much in the way of any emotion though he tries really hard; he takes actions when adversity gets in his way- like steering the cops off the trail of a killer so he can do the job or when his sister is closing in on the same target he has. He just takes action.

That’s what we all need to do. Less than 1% of 1% of the population actually does any charitable work- I don’t mean contributing money but actual charitable work. This is probably the start of another blog and I digress but in the spirit of the holiday season, I encourage you to take action, stop feeling sorry for yourself and the indulgence you may have made or will be making. Go to the gym, eat as well as you can on the days you can and think about others.

Don’t be angry- be active! Here is one way to start: follow me on twitter, become a fan on facebook and comment on my blog entries. The holiday season affords us so much opportunity to think of someone other than ourselves. Let’s take advantage of that- so start thinking about me for a change- joking!!! And I have to say it one more time: What were you thinking Barbara- Really?

Until Next Time……