Chocolate Cheerios may ward off heart disease

Here’s a bit of infuriating irony for you…

The government won’t let vitamin manufacturers say on a bottle of vitamin C that it may help keep your immune system healthy and ward off colds and flu, but they let Chocolate Cheerios say that they may ward off heart disease:

Are they kidding? Actually, I wish they WERE. Then maybe people wouldn’t be fooled into thinking that a sugar- and carb-laden cereal is good for them.

If you really want to keep your heart healthy, the best thing you can do is avoid packaged, processed foods (like Cheerios). Instead, focus on the wholesome–and shockingly decadent–foods included in my New Hamptons Health Miracle and you’ll never have to give a second thought to your blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids…or any other blood marker, for that matter.