Chocolate helps keep blood vessels relaxed and dilated

My favorite “prescription”

I’ve mentioned before that chocolate is my favorite “prescription” to give patients. And not just because it never fails to make them do a double-take.

Of course, it’s no secret these days that chocolate has a long list of health benefits.

In fact, just a few weeks ago, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published an impressive analysis on chocolate. Researchers looked at 42 studies. All of them randomized, controlled trials. They found that it worked wonders for keeping your blood vessels relaxed and dilated. This is a critical part of health. And one far too many people overlook. Including many doctors.

Everyone is concerned about their heart and their arteries. And, often, the small blood vessels and capillaries get neglected in the process. This is a HUGE mistake.

You see, it’s your blood vessels that deliver oxygen-rich blood to the far-reaches of your body. From your scalp to your fingertips to your toenails…and every critical organ in between. If they’re not operating up to par, those vital systems essentially suffocate to death. Slowly but surely.

I covered this topic in more detail in the November 2011 issue of my monthly Logical Health Alternatives newsletter. Subscribers can download and view it for free online by visiting the subscriber page.

In the meantime, go ahead and add chocolate to your daily health regimen. Just be careful to pick the right kind!

When you’re choosing chocolate, it’s important to go for the dark variety. And the darker the better!

The good news is, it’s easy to find. I’ve seen bars containing as much as 80% cacao in the regular supermarket (the higher the percentage the better).

But your best bet is to buy unsweetened chocolate or cocoa powder and sweeten it yourself with stevia. That way you get all the health benefits of the chocolate and none of the harmful effects of sugar.