Cosmetics are TOXIC (beware!)

I often warn about how deadly personal care products are—everything from toothpaste and dental floss, to shampoo and detergents, and much more.

But I hardly write about a category of products that I don’t use…


And that’s quite an oversight, considering how DANGEROUS they can be.

In fact, a new study discovered that several popular brands market and sell products that are chockfull of toxic chemicals, like lead, arsenic, and formaldehyde.

And since the U.S. continues to overlook this hidden health threat… you NEED to take steps to protect yourself.

No end (or compassion) in sight

Several states are cracking down on chemical regulations in cosmetics.

After all, the U.S. stopped rolling out guidelines after the 1970s. So, toxic substances—banned in other countries—are technically allowed to be added to products that are vastly sold and marketed in America.

Well, a report by the state Department of Ecology discovered multiple products from various brands contained concerning levels of hazardous chemicals.

And recently, Washington has joined more than a dozen other states in this fight after a state-funded study found lead, arsenic, and formaldehyde in makeup, lotion, and hair-straightening products sold by CoverGirl® and other popular brands.

In other words, not only do we have to “put up” with contaminants such as lead and arsenic in cosmetics—which study authors state are linked to brain and nervous system damage, cancer, and more…

But several companies add formaldehyde to certain products, knowing they won’t get a slap on the wrist by regulatory offices… and still think that’s OK?

Folks, formaldehyde is a highly toxic chemical that can irritate the skin (how ironic is that?), lungs, eyes, and more—plus, it’s carcinogenic!

Oh, is that ALL these substances can cause? Well then, I see no reason to try to limit exposure to them…


Tips for limiting your exposure

Things you put ON your body can—and will—be absorbed systemically.

And even if the products you use contain low levels, keep in mind how often you apply them to your body… over several decades. (Many people use cosmetics daily and indefinitely. And for the record, there is NO known safe level of lead exposure.)

Worse yet, heavy metals are difficult to eliminate from our bodies—meaning it’s easy for them to accumulate inside of us, wreaking havoc on our health (and perhaps our longevity).

So, here are a few tips for limiting your exposure when reaching for cosmetic products…

  • The fewer the ingredients on the label, the better off you’ll be. (Same goes for food.)
  • Use the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep® database for a safety report on any cosmetic product you use. You might consider starting fresh, using these reports as a guide.

I also recommend a full body detox, especially if you’ve been routinely exposed to highly toxic products. I outline my time-tested protocol in the January 2023 issue of my monthly newsletter, Logical Health Alternatives (“Get a whole health ‘REBOOT’ with my super-simple, seven-day detox”).

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Until next time,

Dr. Fred


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