Cure your sweet tooth

Tip 1
Beware of Fat Free foods- When you take the fat out, the manufacturers simply add sugar and other nasty ingredients so the food has taste and flavor.

Tip 2
“Choose real foods” should be the motto you live by

Tip 3
Beware of the condiments as they are loaded with sugars!

Tip 4
Avoid 100 calorie snack packs- Not always the best choice! As they lack hunger controlling nutrients such as protein, fiber and healthy fats.

Tip 5
Avoid products with sugar, white flour & hydrogenated oils, even if its in products that are 100 calories.

Tip 6
Never over-rely on processed foods of any kind even if they are packaged as low-carb. The low carb processed foods are never truly low carb.

Tip 7
What are your alternative snack ideas? Share your ideas with us…

Tip 8
Make your own healthy snack pack using nuts, seeds, and different cheeses.

Tip 9
Exercise helps reduce your sugar cravings. If you haven’t already, begin to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. A little can go a long way.

Day 10
Another way to avoid cravings is to stay hydrated! Drink water throughout your day & avoid juices.

Tip 11
A good snacking alternative: Kale Chips – don’t say “blech” these are actually quite good. Kale is full of anti-oxidants; rich in vitamin C, beta carotene and omega 3 fatty acids

Tip 12
Make your own Kale Chips by tossing kale with some Mac Nut Oil. Bake in the oven for 5 minutes at 325 degrees. *Mac Nut Oil is on sale this month! Don’t miss today’s giveaway, visit my Facebook Page & Twitter for details.

Tip 13
When you cut out sweets, you’ll use up you’re own bodies glycogen stores, which will help maintain a healthy blood sugar balance and curb your hunger.

Tip 14
Agave acts in the body like high fructose corn syrup so avoid all of these or you will never get rid of your sweet tooth.

Tip 15
What about honey? Natural sugars, like honey although lower on the glycemic impact index, than cane sugar, still impact blood sugar and insulin.

Tip 16
The main ingredients in most snack packs are white flour, sugar, salt & preservatives.Stay away, stay very far away!

Tip 17
Stay away from drinks like Sangria that are filled with sugar. Use flavored seltzer as an alternative. Try Herbal Teas (not the fruit flavored ones).

Tip 18
A sweet tooth is not genetic, you can overcome this addiction through some hard work & our guidance.