Cutting sugar kills cancer cells

Cancer cells feed on sugar and refined carbs.

You see, your body breaks these foods down quickly into glucose. And cancer cells love glucose. So the best way to prevent cancer is to cut its supply of glucose.

And a recent study reinforces this message.

Researchers from UCLA has honed in on the mechanism that makes this happen. Their research appeared in the journal Molecular Systems Biology.

In it, they show how “glucose starvation” — cutting off the sugar supply — affects cancer cells.

When the glucose supply is shut off, it triggers a unique process that shuts down the influx of cell- damaging free radicals. And that leads to cancer cell death.

In other words, when cancer cells don’t get the glucose they need, they die.

It’s just that simple.


“Glucose deprivation activates a metabolic and signaling amplification loop leading to cell death,” Mol Syst Biol. 2012; 8: 589.