DEADLY DRINKS? (urgent!)

It’s no secret that sugar kills.

And as a reader of mine, you know I consider it the No. 1 health saboteur.

Plus, studies have shown that consuming too much sugar destroys vital brain connections involved in the exercise of willpower. And it uses the same pathways as tobacco, alcohol, and other addictive drugs to keep you hooked.

Of course, one of the easiest ways to kick your sugar addiction to the curb is to refrain from sugar sweetened beverages.

Not only are these drinks just liquid calories…

But now, research links even a small amount to a heightened risk of dying from an obesity-related cancer

Just two drinks could be lethal

A new study followed about 1 million Americans over nearly three decades who consumed sugary beverages.

Ultimately, compared to those who didn’t drink any, researchers found those who drank just two sugary beveragesa day increased their risk of dying from:

  • Colorectal cancer
  • Kidney cancer

Similarly, small consumption amounts heightened subjects’ mortality risk from pancreatic cancer, too.

And, well, considering one-third of the sugar we consume comes from sugar sweetened beverages, I’d say it’s high time to listen up—and make a change.

Ditch the soda… at any age

The sad reality is, our grandchildren are growing up thinking that eating a diet based on processed and fast food is normal.

One out of five children drink three or more sugar sweetened beverages per day. And the results of that careless behavior are downright catastrophic.

But sugar is BIG business here in the U.S. In fact, our government subsidizes the sugar industry. And it just infuriates me how powerful these “Big Sugar” cohorts are.

They continue to aggressively market their poisons because they have unlimited resources. (And they get away with it because there’s no strategy in place to teach the public that sugar sweetened beverages are deadly.)

Well, that’s where I will always step in.

Sugary beverages are TOXIC. At any age. So…

Ditch the soda, juice, and “sports” drinks.

Drink a glass of water instead. You can even jazz things up with lemon, mint, a couple fresh berries, or cucumbers. Or—opt for coffee or tea.

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Until next week,
Dr. Fred


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