Decade-old health conspiracy uncovered: The truth behind the autism/child vaccine link

I have discussed autism many times in this space. It’s a subject I’m passionate about, and I treat many children with this increasingly common, and extraordinarily debilitating, illness.

I have known for decades about the conspiracy committed by the vaccine makers, big pharma, and the government. And now, the deception is coming to light, thanks to a CDC whistleblower named William W. Thompson, Ph.D.

Dr. Thompson is an epidemiologist at the CDC’s National Center of Birth Defects and Development Disabilities. And he was one of the researchers behind the infamous 2004 study that concluded there were “no significant associations” between the age at which the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine is administered and the incidence of “developmental regression” such as autism.

The medical establishment has arrogantly stood by this bogus study for a decade. But now, Dr. Thompson has broken the silence. And revealed how the government deliberately concealed the link between the MMR vaccine and a dramatically increased risk of autism, particularly in African-American boys. More on this bombshell in just a minute. But first, let’s back up a decade and take a closer look at that original study Dr. Thompson and his colleagues conducted…

The study concluded there was no evidence of a statistically significant relationship between the age at which the MMR vaccine is first given and the incidence of autism.

For 10 years, the Focus Autism Foundation tried to obtain the original data from that study. But it wasn’t until this year, through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, that they finally gained access to the information. And, boy oh boy…the truth is quite a smack in the face.

A review of the original data showed that in African-American boys who received the MMR vaccine at 24 months of age (as opposed to delaying it until 36 months when the nervous system has had a little more time to develop), the incidence of autism was 340 percent higher.

Why the discrepancy?

Well, Dr. Thompson has revealed that CDC researchers only included children with a valid State of Georgia birth certificate, thereby reducing the study’s sample size by 41 percent. And dramatically skewing the statistical findings. He claimed that the CDC was aware of this fudged data but covered it up because of top-down pressure to promote a pro-vaccine agenda.

The CDC, which is supposed to protect the public, chose instead to protect big pharma. So, we’ve missed a decade of continued research. And countless children have been put in harm’s way. All because of…you guessed it. Money.

And this isn’t the only time the CDC has put big pharma’s interests ahead of public health and safety. It happened last year too, when the CDC reportedly grossly exaggerated the incidence of flu hospitalizations in order to push the flu vaccine.

Earlier this year, Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL) demanded that the CDC be investigated, highlighting “the incestuous relationship between the public health community and the vaccine makers and public officials.” He also noted the continued manipulation of data, and the swinging-door policy between the CDC and vaccine maker Merck. All of which ensures that the autism link is never thoroughly explored.

I am vindicated that my suspicions have been proven correct. But at the same time, I’m outraged at this shocking display of greed over compassion. And my heart is broken for the kids—and their parents—who fell victim to this heartless conspiracy.

Hopefully, now that the truth is out, the tides will start to turn again. Back in favor of the health and well-being of the public—and, especially, of our kids.

A simple roadmap for bypassing dementia

I’ve said before that dementia needs to be taken more seriously. Now, the 2014 World Alzheimer’s Report has said it, noting that this disease needs to be integrated into global and national health programs, alongside other serious diseases.

The report suggests that if we enter old age with better-developed, healthier brains, we are likely to have longer, happier, more independent lives.Not to mention a greatly reduced chance of developing dementia.

And according to this report, changes in the brain that eventually lead to dementia can begin decades before symptoms appear. So focusing on brain health is particularly important in mid-life.

Obviously, this is all great information.Of course if you read my Reality Health Check e-letter and my Logical Health Alternatives newsletter regularly, none of it is news to you. But I’ll take it as another opportunity to educate my patients—and you—about how to keep your brain healthy.

Because if you turn to mainstream medicine for more specific answers or an action plan, you won’t get much.

So I’m taking this chance to offer you more than that.Because there are a number of supplements that can help keep your brain healthy, and guard against dementia. In fact, I’m working on a detailed article on this very topic for the upcoming December issue of my Logical Health Alternatives newsletter. So keep an eye out for that.

In the meantime, a few of my “absolute musts” for brain health are fish (just one serving per week yields big brain benefits) and fish oil (containing 3,000of EPA and DHA per day).

Pycnogenol (150 mg per day) is another of my top picks. It helps support microcirculation—which is anessential, and often overlooked,part of brain health.

These simple supplements are ones I recommend all my patients take every day. They’ll help keep your brain—and the rest of your body—in fighting shape. Especially when you pair them with a diet that’s low in carbs and high in “good fats” (ahem, New Hamptons Health Miracle). There’s no reason not to get started on these brain-protecting steps beginning today. And, as I mentioned above, I’ll share even more brain boosters with you in the upcoming December issue of Logical Health Alternatives.If you’re not already a subscriber, take a minute to sign up today. This is important information you and your loved ones really shouldn’t be without.


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