Dementia plagues MILLIONS of people each year (Don’t become a statistic!) 

Currently, more than 55 million people across the globe are living with dementia—a statistic that costs more than one trillion dollars a year. (And that’s just the monetary loss.) 

But according to a recent report from the World Health Organization (WHO), that already sobering statistic is set to jump by a whopping 40 percent—up to 78 million people—in the next ten years.    

Are YOU at risk of becoming part of this statistic? Let’s take a look… 

A wide-reaching problem 

Dementia is more than just a snowballing series of senior moments. (Early-onset dementia makes up about ten percent of all cases, after all.) 

It affects areas of cognitive function ranging from memory, language, and judgment to the very basic ability to perform everyday tasks. And that’s precisely what makes it so dangerous… and so devastating.    

I often ask my patients if they are managing okay at home. Do they remember to turn off the water or the stove? It’s the “little things” like this that can go first—and the changes are subtle. That’s also why it’s often unsafe for dementia patients to live alone, forcing them to lose their independence.   

This obviously impacts the patients who suffer in more ways than one. But it also places high caregiving burdens on family members, who also suffer the slow loss of their loved ones.  

And the fact that conventional medicine still has little to offer in the way of a cure for this all-too-common disease? Well, that’s perhaps the biggest tragedy of all.  

You are in the driver’s seat 

It’s clear that we need more policies in place designed to help care for dementia patients. In addition to promising treatment plans (not dangerous, profit-driven drugs) and clear data behind common threats (like popular over-the-counter drugs). This condition doesn’t discriminate, and the number of people affected is continuing to grow.  

But the truth is, we do have control over the health of our brains as we age. In fact, if you’ve been a reader of mine for a while, then you may already know that dementia is not inevitable. 

Sure, dementia has a variety of potential root causes, many of which we’re still trying to figure out. But key risk factors like high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, alcohol abuse, and poor dietary choices are all preventable.   

In fact, taking control of your diet may be the single most powerful factor behind dementia prevention. Getting rid of processed, inflammatory foods (and replacing them with fresh, healthy, whole foods) will boost microcirculation and provide oxygen to your brain, resulting in less cell death. (You can follow my very own A-List Diet to help get you started.) 

Consistent exercise is another way to slow cognitive decline, as I’ve reported here before. That’s why I’m always encouraging you to get out of your chair and do something, anything, every single day.    

And for more strategies to naturally protect and restore memory, strengthen focus, and fight dementia, check out my Alzheimer’s Prevention and Treatment Plan. To learn more about this comprehensive online learning tool, or to enroll today, click here now.  


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