Diabetes contributes to the growth of adenomas, colon cancer

Colon caution

Speaking of colon cancer, we can thank Katie Couric for bringing the importance of screening to the public eye. Literally. Her on-screen colonoscopy was an impressive medical moment–and she really drove home the need for regular screenings.

If you’ve got diabetes, this is an especially important message. Over the years, a number of studies have suggested that there’s a link between diabetes and precancerous colon growths (called adenomas) and colon cancer.

Now, a new study indicates that there’s not just a link–it looks like diabetes actually directly contributes to the growth of adenomas or colon cancer.

The research was presented by researchers at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Bronx, NY, at the American College of Gastroenterology annual meeting.

Their study compared data on 278 people with diabetes and an equal number without diabetes, all around age 65. They found that 29 percent of those with diabetes had at least one adenoma, compared to 21 percent of the non-diabetics.

The researchers believe that high levels of insulin feed the growth of precancerous and cancerous cells.

Consider this cautionary note for diabetics (and pre-diabetics) to get your blood sugar under control. And with the information you get here in the Reality Health Check and in your monthly issues of my Logical Health Alternatives newsletter, you have all the resources you need to do just that.