Diabetic men face invasive therapies to manage erectile dysfunction

Why diabetes should be every man’s biggest fearDiabetes causes a lot of health horrors, but this one sent a special shudder down my spine.According to a recent article, “diabetic men are significantly more likely to require invasive…therapies to manage erectile dysfunction…such as penile suppositories or injectables.”

Yikes. They had me at “penile suppositories.”

But what makes this news even more shocking is just how fast things can progress when you have diabetes…

Apparently, men with diabetes are twice as likely to have to resort to these drastic measures (which also include, and I quote, “penile prosthesis surgery”) within five years of an erectile dysfunction diagnosis.

In other words, it appears that diabetes puts men on the fast track to serious ED.

Now for the good news: There’s a way to make sure that the phrase “penile suppository” never crosses your doctor’s lips.

Most often, ED occurs because of reduced blood flow to the penis. And one of the biggest dangers of blood sugar problems is impaired circulation–particularly in the capillaries and small blood vessels, like the ones in the penis. So it’s a double-whammy of danger.

So supporting healthy blood vessels and capillaries may mean a world of difference–and not just in your erectile function. And the very best way to do that is with a supplement called Pycnogenol (R). This extract from pine bark has a tremendous roster of benefits, but this is one of its most impressive–and most important.

It’s one of my “must have supplements” for anyone who wants to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and support their blood vessels (whether or not you’ve got ED).