Double the trouble for our children

A new study has shown that two drugs were better than one when it came to treating type 2 diabetes in children. And even then, researchers still concluded it’s incredibly difficult to get children to respond to treatment once they’ve developed the disease.

As if the single drug of choice (metformin) wasn’t bad enough with all its potential side effects…the second drug used in the study (Avandia) is actually about ready to be taken off the market because of its side effect of death.

So why on Earth would the researchers choose that drug in the first place?!

And if response to treatment is so difficult once they have the disease…why hasn’t there been more emphasis placed on preventing diabetes in our children from the start?!

It is sad to me that we are seeing such a steady increase in the number of children with what used to be considered an adult disease simply because we are feeding them wrong.

When are we going to stop feeding them “all the good stuff” and start feeding them all the right  stuff?

It must be done. Because not only is type 2 diabetes harder to treat in children, we also have no idea of the super-long term side effects of being on blood sugar drugs for 40, 50, or more years. This is what these children are facing. It’s a terrible road that lies ahead. We must start doing something about it.