Drop 12 POUNDS in just a few weeks?

The exciting ingredients that can help make a HEALTHIER you in 2023… and beyond

Many of us head into the holiday season with the best of intentions to show at least some restraint amid all the revelry.

But, with temptations everywhere, we usually end up feasting more than we should on rich, carb-heavy meals, sweet treats, and free-flowing booze.

Then, come the new year, we’re hit with the grim reality of resetting our healthy habits and shedding the pounds we may have just packed on. So—we start reading about the latest and greatest diet plan… or shelling out money for expensive gym memberships.

Well, I’m happy to report that I have something better on the horizon…

It’s being designed to help you maintain a healthy waistline throughout the entire year… even during the holidays and “resolution” month. Better yet, it will help you SHED unwanted weight—perhaps without thinking twice!

In fact, in one study I’ll tell you about, people lost nearly 12 pounds with the help of a powerful, nutritional TRIO… alongside other healthy, lifestyle choices.

Here’s how they did it…

Small losses, BIG reward

Research shows that losing just 5 percent of your body weight can make a BIG difference in your overall health.

It lowers your blood pressure and triglyceride (blood fat) levels. It reverses insulin resistance, improves your mood, and thwarts sleep apnea. It even lowers your risk of developing any number of deadly diseases—including type 2 diabetes and cancer.1

To help put that into perspective… if you’re a 150-pound woman, that’s just 7.5 pounds. And for a 200-pound man, it’s just 10 pounds!

Of course, many people still need a little help achieving that kind of modest goal. And—as much as I wish it were possible, you can’t really put “lose 10 pounds” on your holiday wish list.

Signing up for the newest deprivation DIET isn’t the answer either. After all, the longer you’re “on a diet,” the longer it actually takes you to lose weight. It can even sabotage your metabolism over time…

In fact, when you restrict calories on an ongoing, traditional diet, your metabolism eventually adapts and conserves. Just consider this eye-opening study that involved 65 young and middle-aged sedentary, overweight women…2

They all adhered to an extremely restrictive, low-calorie diet. And to their credit, most of them did hit their weight loss goal after 66 to 252 days.

But—when researchers factored “metabolic adaptation” into the equation—they discovered that the longer you’re on a diet, the more your body conserves calories. (We’re genetically programmed to use less energy and fewer calories in times of famine.)

And one woman actually had to follow her diet for an extra 70 days in order to hit her target.

Another reason why most diets fail?

Having a clear “beginning” and “ending” leads straight to “yo-yo” dieting… not permanent weight loss or long-lasting, healthy dietary habits.

That’s why I always encourage following a balanced diet, year-round. And the healthy, Mediterranean-style eating plan always tops my list. It’s a simple—and delicious—way to properly fuel your body through high-fat, low-carb foods… like lean protein, fresh produce, and nuts.

Because what you eat each day absolutely matters. (I recommend moving your body for at least 20 minutes daily for optimum health, too.)

Of course, those are my typical recommendations. And now, I’m working on harnessing the powers of a nutritional TRIO…

Safe, all-natural TRIO stands the test of time

By taking a brilliant, two-tiered approach to healthy weight loss, this tiny-but-mighty pill will aim to:

  • Boost fat metabolism on a cellular level. (You could burn MORE calories, even in a resting state!)
  • Control your cravings and your appetite. (You may effortlessly start passing on that second serving—and could ultimately eat LESS every day!)

How? Well, I’m focusing on all-natural, time-tested ingredients—starting with drumstick, curry leaves, and turmeric—because they each work with your body’s natural metabolism to promote safe, sustainable weight loss.

In fact:

  • Drumstick is an Indian herb derived from the Moringa oleifera tree. It’s been shown in lab studies to reduce fat formation and enhance fat breakdown.3
  • Curry leaves are almond-shaped, aromatic herbs that have been part of Indian cuisine for centuries. They support weight loss by boosting digestion and burning fat.4
  • Turmeric is the ancient, golden spice that gives Indian curry its yellow color. It provides powerful support to your metabolism by lowering blood sugar, stimulating the pancreas to produce insulin, improving how the pancreatic cells function, and reducing insulin resistance.5,6,7

Plus, lab studies suggest drumstick, curry leaves, and turmeric work EVEN BETTER synergistically to:

  • Block the creation of new fat cells
  • Help breakdown fat that already exists
  • Decrease the size of fat cells
  • Prevent fat cells from clumping together

But this trio hasn’t just been studied in the lab on animals. It has some of the best clinical research that I’ve seen ANYWHERE on actual human subjects trying desperately to lose weight.

In one trial, 140 healthy, overweight adults, ages 21 to 50, agreed to follow a 1,800-calorie-per-day diet and walk for 30 minutes a day for 16 weeks.8

The researchers also split the participants into two groups. The first group took a pill twice a day that contained 1,000 mg of drumstick, curry leaves, and turmeric—under the propriety name Slendacor®. The second group took a placebo.

Ultimately, those taking the drumstick, curry leaves, and turmeric combination started losing weight ALMOST IMMEDIATELY. (They lost 1.5 pounds—after just 2 weeks!)

And by the end of the 16 weeks—they had lost nearly 12 pounds!

(When you look at it another way, that means the Slendacor® group lost more than 7 percent of their body weight, on average. And that’s significant because, as I mentioned earlier, even just a 5 percent loss in body weight can lead to BIG improvements in your overall health.)

The Slendacor® group also saw a 34-point decrease in harmful blood fats known as triglycerides. And—they experienced nearly a 35 percent improvement in their serum adiponectin levels from baseline.

(Adiponectin is a hormone your fat tissues release to help with insulin sensitivity and inflammation. Research associates higher levels with better metabolic health overall.)

Meanwhile, the placebo group hardly saw any change at all in their weight or health status. In fact, they didn’t even lose 2 full pounds in body weight by the end of 16 weeks!

And there’s even more solid clinical evidence supporting this remarkable trio…

In a second trial, 50 obese men and women, ages 27 to 50, took Slendacor® or a placebo three times a day for eight weeks.9 Similar to the first study, they followed a 2,000-calorie-per-day diet and walked for 30 minutes, five days a week.

Except this time, at the end of just eight weeks (half the time of the first study), the Slendacor® group lost nearly 11 pounds, while the placebo group only lost 4 pounds! (That’s 2.67 times more weight lost than the placebo group in a very short amount of time.)

With those kinds of clear, positive, and fast-acting results, it’s really no wonder a leading nutritional supplement magazine chose Slendacor® as the weight-loss ingredient of the year in 2022!10

And truthfully—when designing my new weight-loss formula, I really could have stopped right there… with just the drumstick, curry leaves, and turmeric.

But I didn’t.

I made sure to add my “tried-and-true” hunger- and cravings-buster to the mix.

Of course, I’m still putting the final touches on everything. And that means there’s even more exciting research behind my new formula.

In the meantime…

On your mark, get set…

I’m sure you’re eager to get your hands on this tiny-but-mighty supplement… as soon as it’s finalized and available.

So, I encourage you to head over to my website, www.DrPescatore.com, and sign up for my FREE email list, Reality Health Check. That way, you’ll be among the very first to hear about when this exciting, grounded-by-science formula is be READY to order!

Simply enter your email address in the box on the right side of the homepage and click “SIGN UP TODAY!” Then leave the rest to my team at Logical Health Alternatives. (We’re working around the clock to make sure this new formula launches in early 2023!)

In the meantime, go ahead and enjoy the holidays with your friends and family. And perhaps make a resolution to maintain a healthier you through simple lifestyle changes—balanced eating, modest walking, and smart supplementation—in 2023… and beyond!


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