Eat THIS and ward off Alzheimer’s naturally

If there’s one noticeable gap in Big Pharma’s repertoire, it’s in Alzheimer’s prevention. Because while they offer a handful of expensive medications for memory, it’s a well-known fact that none of them work very well—if at all.

So it’s a good thing we don’t even need drugs in the fight against dementia in the first place.

There are so many lifestyle, nutrition, and supplement solutions that can armor you against Alzheimer’s disease. (Enough that I was able to devote my entire Drug-Free Protocol for Reversing Alzheimer’s and Dementia to it.)

But today, I want to talk about one solution in particular: choline.

Slash risk by more than a quarter

This latest study appeared in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Finnish researchers reviewed data from the Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study (KIHD), comprising of roughly 2,500 men between 42 and 60 years old.

Researchers looked at diet and lifestyle, as well as general health, and combined that data with hospital, medication, and death records from more than two decades. They also looked at cognitive test results from about 500 men, collected four years after the study began.

And here’s what they found: Men who consumed the most choline—phosphatidylcholine in particular—had a 28 percent lower risk of dementia compared with men who consumed the least. These men also excelled in memory and language tests.

Researchers accounted for every possible factor that could explain the link between the two—including genetic factors that are common in the Finnish population—and the association was still rock solid. So this was no fluke.

It’s also worth noting that eggs and meat were the most critical sources of phosphatidylcholine in the subjects’ diets—with both foods accounting for nearly 40 percent of dietary choline intake each.

Eat your choline, every single day

This isn’t the first time I’ve sung the praises of choline for dementia prevention. In fact, it’s a featured ingredient in both of my brain formulas for this very reason. (To learn more, head over to my website and browse the “Shop” tab!)

Choline is an essential nutrient that your cells require in order to maintain their structure. Plus, it plays an important role in your gene expression regulation. Your body also uses it to generate acetylcholine—a neurotransmitter responsible for memory, mood, and muscle control.

In addition, choline lowers homocysteine—high levels of which have strong ties to Alzheimer’s development. It also helps to regulate inflammation and neuron death in the brain.

So needless say, these latest study results aren’t the least bit surprising. However, they do send a powerful message: Eat your choline, every single day.

Of course, my A-List Diet is essential for Alzheimer’s prevention. It encourages you to eat plenty of high-choline foods, like beef, liver, egg yolks, and dairy, to name a few.

Supplementation is another safe and inexpensive option. If you go that route, I recommend 80 to 150 mg of choline per day—a dose that will deliver at least as much benefit as any memory drug on the market today.

If you’re looking for an integrative, all-natural plan to protect and restore your memory, strengthen focus, and build a bigger, brighter brain — that includes dozens of supplement, dietary, and lifestyle recommendations — check out my Drug-Free Protocol for Reversing Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Click here to learn more, or sign up today!


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