Even small weight loss could save your life

I realize I talk about weight loss and diabetes a lot.   

But “diabesity” was easily the most urgent health crisis facing the Western world pre-pandemic. And let’s face it it still is—because as I’ve shared here before, obesity and diabetes are the two most lethal pre-existing conditions to have in the age of COVID-19. 

And now, new research is once again showing us what we already know: Even small weight losses can slash your risk of type 2 diabetes dramatically. 

“Extraordinary” results  

This was a study of 500,000 adults. (Yes, you read that right—we’re talking about half a million people here.) And it showed that, if you’re obese, intentional weight loss of about 13 percent of your body weight can cut your risk of developing diabetes by a whopping 40 percent.   

To put that into perspective: If you’re 250 pounds, all you’d have to do to is drop just over 30 pounds—a modest goal, to say the least—and you’d cut your diabetes risk nearly in half. 

In this study, intentional weight loss” referred to pounds dropped mainly through diet and exercise (and sometimes, using medications and surgical treatments). But no matter how subjects managed to lose the weight, the effects were undeniably positive.  

Plus, the same small weight loss was able to cut risk of sleep apnea by as much as 27 percent, risk of hypertension by as much as 25 percent, and risk of high cholesterol by as much as 22 percent. 

The powersthatbe may think this is shocking and “extraordinary” “news”—but come on. I have been talking about this forever now. (Or at least, for my entire decades-long medical career.) So all I can say is, “what took you so long?! 

This is powerful evidence and these are not small effects. But we have known for a while now that weight loss can have a huge impact on health—so the fact that so many doctors still haven’t caught on frustrates me to no end.   

I mean, its practically criminal to completely ignore all the science around weight loss… and to watch people get sick, take drugs every day of their lives, and die prematurely instead.  

But when you’re practicing medicine out of Big Pharma’s pockets, I guess it’s to be expected.  

A preventable tragedy 

Here’s the truth: There might not be a magic pill for weight loss. But we have many tools to help people lose weight. And since it benefits just about every health parameter imaginable, theres absolutely no reason why insurance companies shouldn’t be paying for us to use these tools. 

But of course, that would mean going up against their partners in crime at Big Pharma.  And considering the terms of that marriage of convenience, there really isn’t much incentive for them to save money on drug-free cures anyway.  

And yes, in the case of weight loss, we are talking about a cure—at least for as long as the weight stays off.  

According to the researchers: “This data shows that if we treat obesity first, rather than the complications, we actually get big results in terms of health. This really should be a game-changer for those healthcare systems that are still prevaricating about treating obesity seriously.”   

Translation: It’s time to start demanding that our healthcare system treats obesity like the life-threatening medical condition that it is.  

Because get a load of this statement from the American Diabetes Association, of all placesIt’s helpful to have further evidence that weight loss reduces risk for type 2 diabetes,” but “finding effective strategies to achieve and maintain long-term weight loss and maintenance remains a significant challenge.”   

A challenge to whom?! This isn’t rocket science! Lead by example, put pressure on food manufacturers, and start taxing sugary sodas and processed snacks just like we’ve done with tobacco. 

Look, I don’t want anyone reading this to think that I’m saying it’s easy to lose weight and keep it off. I was obese myself as a child—and have struggled with my weight for years.  

But it’s way past time the government stepped in and did its part in keeping the American people healthy, rather than actively sabotaging their efforts in the name of big business. 

Literally anything more would be better than what we’ve done so far. I am done with the excuses and lieswhile people continue to get sick and die. We can stop this now. And we must.   

So, here’s my resounding advice to your: Eat well and exercise. Focus on healthy, whole foods—like lean meat, full-fat dairy, organic produce, and nuts—and aim for at least 20 minutes of moderate exercise per day, even if it’s a simple walk around the yard or block.  

P.S. Science also points to an unlikely alley in your quest to lose weight: cannabis. In fact, new research reveals it can help curb appetite, melt away fat, and slash diabetes risk by 60 percent! I talk all about it in the August 2019 issue of my monthly newsletter, Logical Health Alternatives (“CBD: Your metabolism’s new best friend”). So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already, become a subscriber today. Click here now! 


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