Exercise boosts stamina…in more ways than one

I’ve talked about the benefits of exercise for everything from memory to blood sugar to cardiovascular health. But a new study I just read shows benefits in another arena. One most people consider just as important as any of the others: sexual health.

Researchers gathered data from 300 men. They found that men who reported exercising regularly had higher sexual function scores. And the exercise didn’t necessarily entail heavy weight lifting or hours of running on a treadmill. In fact, the sexual health benefits occurred no matter what intensity level the exercise. As long as the efforts were consistent, so were the benefits.

Generally speaking, the best results occurred in men who got 2 hours of strenuous exercise per week, 3.5 hours of moderate exercise per week, or 6 hours of light exercise per week.

That’s just a half-hour of moderate exercise a day. Next time you don’t feel like taking that brisk after-dinner walk, remember this study. Or, better yet, have your partner remind you of it.


“The Association of Exercise with Both Erectile and Sexual Function in Black and White Men,” The Journal of Sexual Medicine, epub ahead of print 3/20/15