“Exercise pill” — coming soon to a pharmacy near you?

Exercise is truly the most powerful “total body” therapy we have available to us today. It improves metabolism, circulation, and the functioning of every major organ. Not to mention the fact that it can actually help you live longer.

But yes, exercise does require effort. And if there’s one thing people seem to hate, it’s making an effort. Which is why Big Pharma’s “magic bullets” rake in billions every year. And their next mission?

Exercise in a pill.

According to a new study published in the journal Cell Metabolism, researchers have developed the world’s first comprehensive “exercise blueprint,” honing in on the complex cellular changes that occur when we exercise.

Researchers from The University of Sydney and the University of Copenhagen analyzed skeletal muscle from biopsies obtained from four untrained, healthy males after they exercised at a high intensity for 10 minutes.

And what they discovered is that short, intensive exercise triggers not one, but more than 1,000 changes in cells.

Of course, now they want to start experimenting with substances to see if they can find some combination that will mimic the effects of exercise.

But here’s a novel idea: Why not just get up and do the actual exercise? As this study showed, it only takes 10 minutes! If you’re not up to “high intensity” levels yet, just do what you can. Even a few minutes of walking every day can — and will — affect all of those same cellular changes.

Believe me, I know how appealing the idea of “exercise in a pill” is.

But, the bottom line is that there’s simply NO substitute for the benefits you get from actual physical activity.