EXPOSED: Sugar is a LEADING health threat

This latest news about sugar made my head spin…

Not because there was anything new to offer. But because there was enough damning evidence to throw sugar to the curb once and for all.

Yet… you guessed it… the response was eerily deafening silence.

In fact, I haven’t seen the news from this study discussed anywhere.

But if this were a nutritional supplement… a diet… an exercise… or literally just about anything else, it would have been the BIGGEST news story of the decade.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, let me explain…

Contributes to numerous ailments

Researchers from China and the U.S. looked at over 8,500 scientific studies that evaluated the impacts of consuming free sugars and naturally occurring sugars.

As defined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, this includes any food where sugar is added during processing—like pastries, cereals, and cakes. In addition to “natural”-based items—like syrup, honey, and juice.

Meanwhile, sugars found in dairy products or whole fruits and vegetables were excluded. (To me, sugar is sugar no matter the source.)

Then, they combined all of the data to evaluate the impact of sugar on 83 different health outcomes. (That’s no easy task!)

And guess what they found?

SUGAR is implicated in 45 of the world’s most common health problems—like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, cancer, depression, gout, and MORE. (Duh!)

And I can only imagine what number they would have landed on if they included sugar of ANY kind.

You are what you eat

Clearly, I’m not surprised by these findings. After all… #sugarkills.

But I’m excited that someone finally had the gumption to do the researchand make a statement.

Let’s talk about another piece of the puzzle, though: The U.S. dietary guidelines recommend getting up to 10 percent of daily calories from added sugars.

And do you think that’s going to change any time soon? NOPE!

Why?! (Oh, that’s right. Because we grow sugar. And it’s a cash crop!)

For a typical 2,000-calories-per-day diet, that’s no more than 200 calories, or about 12 teaspoons of sugar. Well, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average person consumes 17 teaspoons daily.

But I’m convinced that number is greater. Americans eat a LOT of sugar.

I mean, one can of soda contains the equivalent of nine tablespoons of sugar. It’s in almost every processed food product. And yes, people are addicted!

Yet, the powers-that-be continue to turn a blind eye. So, here’s what I recommend…

DITCH the sugar and watch your health SOAR. You’ll be surprised by how many health conditions get better (or go away completely)… the pounds you’ll start to lose… and much, much more.

Because until there’s a massive public health strategy—similar to what we did with alcohol and tobacco—the old age will remain true…

You are what you eat.

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