Exposing sugar for the poison it is

Public enemy No. 1…and 2, and 3

I just can’t seem to write enough about sugar–aka, public enemy No. 1. But at least I’m not the only one anymore–lots of other well-respected sources are finally exposing sugar for the poison it is.

Unfortunately, it’s a complicated matter. And one not many people are willing to take on. It would be easy if the answer was simply to replace or eliminate sugar from the American diet. But, what we really need to do is reprogram our palates’ penchant for sweet foods.

That’s one of the reasons why I’ve always been against artificial sweeteners. They’re formulated to be just as sweet as the regular varieties. So they’re not teaching people to cut back on sweetness at all.

I was reading an article recently that questioned whether the consumption of high intensity sweeteners correlated with a growing incidence of cataracts and joint failure. Which brings me to another reason I’m against artificial sweeteners…

They make your brain react in the same way as sugar. But with even more dangerous consequences. When your brain registers sweetness of any kind, it is designed to tell your body to release insulin. But if there’s no sugar for the insulin to interact with, it’s very likely that it will seek other readily available forms of sugar in your system. And sugars are an essential component of joints and eyes. So it’s not such a stretch to see how  routinely consuming high potency artificial sweeteners may lead to vision and joint problems.

To be clear, artificial sweeteners don’t directly cause insulin resistance. But they wreak plenty of other havoc in your body. And the same holds true for some natural sweeteners too.

For example, I actually consider agave to be worse than high fructose corn syrup. Agave is 100% fructose. And the problem with fructose is its high level of sweetness, but lack of glucose, which the brain needs to feel satisfied.

After even just a few weeks of consuming a diet high in fructose, your brain adjusts and no longer associates sweetness with satiety. This lack of satiety leads to greater consumption of all types of carbohydrates–especially sweets. Which does ultimately lead to obesity and insulin resistance.

So, it is best to stay away from sweeteners of any kind.

But, here’s some good news. When you start following my New Hamptons Health Miracle, you’ll notice your cravings for sweets plummet after just a few weeks. Eventually, they basically disappear. You won’t even feel tempted walking past Dairy Queen or Dunkin Donuts.

I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.  Because the foods you are eating are so delicious, you’re constantly satisfied–without sugar.

And speaking of ditching sugar…