Fact: You CAN reverse diabetes

It’s hard not to laugh at the medical establishment’s continual shock over the life-changing power of healthy behaviors.

Because let’s be real. We’ve known that regular physical activity, a healthy diet, and moderate alcohol intake have a dramatic impact on disease risk for ages now.

This is especially true for type 2 diabetes. And yet, every time a new study comes out, researchers act like it’s some kind of groundbreaking discovery.

When in reality, it’s just plain common sense. But since it’s also been the cornerstone of my practice from the beginning, let’s talk about the latest findings that have so many reeling in disbelief…

Slash diabetes risk by 75 percent

This meta-analysis looked at 14 long-term studies, featuring more than one million subjects from the U.S., Asia, and Europe. All of them looked at the links between multiple lifestyle factors—like exercise, diet, obesity, smoking habits, and alcohol use—and health outcomes.

Unsurprisingly, results showed that the subjects with the healthiest habits have a 75 percent lower risk of diabetes compared to their unhealthy peers. And that’s not all. They also have a:

  • 56 percent lower rate of all-cause mortality
  • 59 percent lower rate of cardiovascular death
  • 31 percent lower rate of cancer death
  • 52 percent lower rate of heart disease

Now, I don’t need to point out how dramatic and beneficial these health outcomes are. Better than any medication can do for you—that’s for sure.

But you know what else researchers found in their analysis? The amount of individuals with the healthiest lifestyle was low in most populations. (Again, no surprise.)

This, of course, led researchers to conclude that people should watch their weight, eat better, exercise more, and avoid smoking and heavy drinking… and that governments should do all they can to support these lifestyle choices.

Alert the presses! This is some revolutionary stuff, right here.

Why the status quo prevails

Sarcasm aside, here’s what I really want to know: Why is any of this such a shocker?

Type 2 diabetes isn’t generally a disease that just “happens.” We bring it on with a lifetime of poor habits. So it doesn’t take a genius to conclude that improving those habits can change the course of the disease dramatically.

We’ve eaten ourselves into a full-blown diabesity epidemic here, folks. And we certainly can reverse it ourselves… without the use of potentially harmful medications. It’s a simple fact that the supposedly greatest medical system in the world just can’t seem to wrap its collective brain around.

And that’s despite the fact that this is far from the first study to point out the obvious. (Though I will note that the risk reduction was observable here, despite wild variations from study to study in everything from the definition of a “healthy lifestyle” to population characteristics to calculation methods. Which makes it especially compelling.)

So tell me again, why isn’t lifestyle modification the “treatment” of choice for diabetes? Why aren’t conventional doctors actually learning what constitutes a healthy diet? And why aren’t they talking to their patients about what they eat or how much they exercise?

I’ve got one sad-but-true guess: money. Because it would cost a lot of people—namely, Big Pharma and the rest of the for-profit medical industry—as much as it would save for actual patients.

At the end of the day, here’s what you need to know: Even modest lifestyle changes can slash your risk of diabetes—not to mention a long list of other life-threatening conditions—dramatically. And if you already have a diagnosis, these changes just might save your life.

So what are you waiting for? Start repairing the metabolic damage that sets your body on course for disaster by adopting a fat-rich, low-carb, low-sugar Mediterranean-style diet, adding targeted nutritional supplementation, and engaging in moderate exercise. In fact, my simple, step-by-step Metabolic Repair Protocol can help you easily adopt such lifestyle changes—from the comfort of your own home—and get you on the path to reversing diabetes and all its potentially deadly consequences. To learn more, or to enroll today, simply click here.


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