Fast food and pastries linked with depression

Sad but true

Here’s another reason to resist fast food and pastries–a new study shows they are linked with increased risk of developing depression.

The report, which appears in the journal Public Health Nutrition, was written by a group of Spanish researchers.

We’ve known that certain dietary deficiencies–omega-3 fatty acids and B-vitamins–are linked with depression. But this study looks specifically at fast food and pastries, and how they factor into this risk.

Researchers enrolled 8,964 participants. At the beginning and end of the study, each completed a detailed questionnaire listing foods frequently eaten.

Six years later, 493 cases of depression had been diagnosed.

Those who ate the most fast food and pastries were 37% more likely to develop depression, compared to those who ate the least. Even after researchers factored in consumption of other food items, the risk did not change.

Of course, we can’t deduce that eating these foods directly causes depression. But honestly, I can’t help but wonder! The sugar spike from the processed carbs and sugar certainly will affect blood sugar–and a person’s mood.

These were generally single people–and couch potatoes–which may have influenced their diet, and may have led to their depression.

But the point is, it’s healthier to stay away from pastries and fast food. Any way you slice it, those foods are bad for your health–physically and mentally.

Kick those foods to the curb, and you can’t help but feel better. A little exercise will help improve your mood, too. And your blood sugar.