Fast food “diet” going VIRAL?

I don’t know what’s more jarring

The fact that the mainstream has zero clue when it comes to nutritional needs—or that people continue committing to CRAZY diets to lose extra weight.

Case in point: One man is going viral for only eating McDonald’s for 100 days.

His goal? To lose weight.

Well, no matter how engaging his journey is, there’s more to the story…

Think about the long-term

A 56-year-old man named Kevin Maginnis decided “enough was enough” when the scale read 238 pounds.

So, he committed to eating three meals a day from McDonald’s—cutting the portion sizes in half—to see how much weight he can lose after 100 days.

He started late last month. After a little over a week, he documented losing 12.5 pounds. And he believes he can lose 50 pounds and improve his health when all is said and done.

And truthfully, he might just reach that goal. I know because I’ve been there.

In years past, I embarked on many quests to lose weight. (I even went on a French fry and chocolate pudding diet while I was in med school… and indeed, it did work.)

But let’s back up a minute so we don’t miss the real point…

Yes, there are many ways to lose weight. And there’s no doubt you can lose weight on any diet plan that you’re able to stick to.

But the key is sustaining that weight loss over the long-term and avoiding “yo-yo dieting.” Because far too often, the weight comes right back when the diet ends.

The nutrients you NEED

No matter what your health goals might be—whether you want to shed pounds, improve health markers, or more— the bottom line is you MUST commit to providing your body with proper fuel over the long haul.

After all, nutrition is the foundation for a long, healthy life. And limiting your dietary intake to a few menu items creates a HUGE nutritional gap.

So even if it feels good to see those pounds melt away… especially in a short amount of time… focus on what else your body may be losing.

As mentioned in the article: “It’s not so much that you’re only eating burgers and fries. It’s about what you’re not eating for 100 days—fiber-rich fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts and seeds,” explained registered dietitian Frances Largeman-Roth.

I always recommend following a simple, Mediterranean-style eating plan, which will provide ample nutrients from various sources, including:

  • Grass-fed and -finished beef
  • Organic poultry
  • Wild-caught fish and seafood
  • Fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies
  • Nuts and seeds

For a more detailed approach, you can order yourself a copy of my A-List Diet book. But I also encourage you to talk to your doctor about a more individualized nutrition plan. If they won’t entertain the conversation, find someone who will.

And don’t forget to add other healthy choices to your routine to help amplify weight loss and sustain a healthy weight, like regular exercise.


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