Feeling lonely? ONE simple gesture can help

Dear Reader,

In many ways, the pandemic has lasting effects…

Especially when it comes to feeling lonely.

And with another month before spring arrives, some struggle with an extra dimension of isolation that seems to accompany the dark days of winter.

If that sounds like you, I have some promising news…

One simple gesture could be enough to turn that frown upside down on—any given day.

Start talking

In an ongoing analysis, researchers recruited 900 participants to engage in different types of conversations—before, during, and after pandemic lockdowns.

Each night, subjects were also instructed to report on their feelings of stress, connection, anxiety, well-being, loneliness, and the overall quality of their day.

The different types of communication included:

  • Catching up
  • Meaningful talk
  • Joking around
  • Showing care
  • Listening
  • Valuing others and their opinions
  • Offering sincere compliments

Turns out, all of these conversations created a positive effect.

In fact, it didn’t matter the type of conversation that was had… all that mattered was the intention of reaching out to a friend.

And—even one, simple conversation was found to be beneficial.

Study co-author Jeffrey Hall states: “We can change how we feel on any given day through communication. Just once is all it takes.”

Plus, researchers believe the MORE you reach out, the MORE benefit you stand to gain.

Stay connected

Now, modern communication can be seen as a blessing or a curse.

For some, it means constant companionship via smart phone devices and social media. For others, it feels like a dark hole of technological solitude.

Ultimately, this study found face-to-face-communication was most beneficial.

But simply making the time for quality conversation, through any means, can often be enough to improve our mood. (I previously reported on how socializing, even through the phone, can boost cognition.)

So, I encourage you to start reaching out to someone more often. The conversation you have should be enough to brighten BOTH your days.

It can be a family member, a friend, someone you meet on a morning stroll, or even someone that shares a similar hobby (perhaps they’re in your exercise, crafting, or cooking class).

Then, perhaps you start adding more social events to your calendar, too!

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