Fish fights colon cancer…

I’ve witnessed the devastating toll colorectal cancer can take on its victims. Not only in several of my patients, but in my own father and two of my uncles as well. So it’s something I take very seriously. And why I follow the research so closely.

Now, new research supports an incredibly simple, yet very effective step you can take: Eat more fish.

The report was published in the American Journal of Medicine. This solid review of the research involved a huge amount of data. Scientists looked at 22 prospective studies (where they track each person’s habits and health problems). They also looked at 19 studies in which fish eaters were compared against non-fish eaters to see their colorectal cancer risk.

The results? Eating fish decreased colorectal cancer risk by 12 percent.

The study doesn’t list what kind of fish the people ate in all these studies.

But, you can’t go wrong with a nice wild-salmon filet. Poached, grilled, or broiled. The natural omega-3 fatty acids in salmon fight inflammation. And any reduction in inflammation can help fight chronic disease, including colon cancer.

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