Fish oil advice worth listening to

I report on the benefits of fish and fish oil a lot. And for good reason. There’s almost nothing the omega-3s you get from these sources CAN’T do. And a brand new study drives that point home even further.

The study examined over 65,000 women from 1991 to 2009, and routinely checked in on their hearing. Over this time period, they regularly filled out questionnaires asking about a variety of factors, including diet.

In all, 11,606 cases of hearing loss were reported. But the women who reported consuming fish twice a week had a lower risk than those who ate just one serving per week or none at all.

Now just imagine what the benefits might have been if they’d followed my recommendations to eat fish several times a week in addition to taking  3,000 mg of fish oil (combined EPA and DHA) per day.


“Fish and fatty acid consumption and the risk of hearing loss in women.” Am J Clin Nutr November 2014; 100(5): 1,371-1,377.