Food packaging can make you fat

Good things come in NO packages

As if all the excess sugar in packaged, processed foods wasn’t bad enough. It turns out there’s another way these products are contributing to the obesity crisis going on everywhere you look. And it’s got nothing to do with what’s IN the products.

Nope. Apparently, even the packaging can make you fat.

This shocker came from a recent study done at Boston University. And, if you ask me, it should have been front page news.

You see, some plastics contain endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). And these EDCs can migrate into the food inside the plastic packaging. When you eat that food, the EDCs do exactly what you’d think. They trigger a chain of events that disrupt your endocrine system. Which leads to weight gain.

Animal studies have suggested that these chemicals may affect thyroid and steroid hormones. And that they activate receptors that regulate fat cell formation and storage.

And now, the Boston University researchers confirmed those findings. In a human study, no less. They found that people with the highest levels of an EDC called phthalate also had the highest BMIs and waist circumferences.

Do yourself–and your waistline–a favor. Skip the packaged stuff and stick with REAL food.