For high-risk men, hormone replacement is a personal choice

Q: “I am 76 years old and have had prostate cancer surgery (radiation  seed implant). I have all symptoms of low T. Can I use some kind of testosterone supplement such as Androgel to see if it would help my low energy and stamina and overall wellbeing?”

Dr. Fred:

While testosterone replacement won’t cause prostate cancer, there’s a chance that it could fuel the disease if you already have it. That’s why I urge a great deal of caution with hormone therapy among men who have a history of prostate cancer.

That being said, I have several patients in this situation who have benefitted from testosterone replacement. So here’s my advice: Talk to your doctor. Ultimately, this decision is between you, your physician, and your family.

T replacement isn’t out of the question. But any treatment you choose must be individualized and monitored very closely to minimize potential risks.