Fresh fish keeps this vital organ “ON”

I love eating fish. But, boy oh boy, has it gotten pricey!

So—I can understand why you might not be indulging as much as you’d like.

But let me remind you how beneficial fresh seafood can be for your health…

Because new research shows consuming it can protect the functionality of a VITAL, yet often overlooked, organ.

Deep-sea secret earns a GOLD medal

According to a new analysis, the omega-3 fatty acids found in oily fish might lower the incidence of chronic kidney disease (CKD)—and help maintain healthy renal function.

Researchers analyzed data from multiple studies that looked at how fatty acids influence metabolic processes. The data included just over 25,500 participants, aged 49 to 77 at study outset.

Ultimately, the omega-3s in seafood—eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and docosapentaenoic acid (DPA)—were found to be most protective.

In fact, participants who ate more oily fish (top fifth) reduced their risk of CKD by 13 percent, compared to those in the lowest fifth (in terms of consumption).

And that protection spanned across all ages, with or without underlying health issues that may already affect kidney health (like diabetes).

But get this…

Consuming higher levels of plant-derived omega-3s—like alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)—were NOT associated with these positive outcomes.

Giving oily fish the gold medal for kidney health.

UP your intake

I don’t know how we’re supposed to get that much fish in our diet when current guidelines generally only recommend a minimum of two servings per week…

But—this research at least serves as a good reminder to enjoy wild-caught fish and seafood whenever you can.

Oily fish include herring, salmon, anchovies, halibut, sardines, cod, rainbow trout, tuna, and mackerel.

Now, if preparing a dinner rich in oil fish doesn’t work for you or your family, make sure to take a high-quality fish oil supplement.

Remember to look at the supplement facts panel to understand exactly how much of the good stuff—EPA and DHA—you’ll be getting daily. I recommend 3 grams (3,000 mg) of total EPA/DHA per day.

Another way to ensure you’re getting enough omega-3s is to mix some sardines into your favorite recipes. I personally throw them into a food processor and add them to stir fries or soups—they act as a great thickening agent and you’ll barely even taste them (they’re way less “fishy” that way).

Plus, they’re great for the budget. Win-win-win!

P.S. Not sure WHY kidney health is so important? Well, for one, they act as your body’s filtration system. But you can learn more in the June 2021 issue of my monthly newsletter, Logical Health Alternatives (“WARNING: The modern-day health crisis no one is talking about”). Not yet a subscriber? Click here to become one!


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